August 5, 2019

Cosmopolitan Partners with Luxe Brands on First Fragrance Line

“We went from, 'Hey, this is a fun movie' to 'People are really taking this seriously.'"

- M. Night Shyamalan in The Hollywood Reporter

Tartine is a fancy way of saying open-face sandwich. Here, egg salad is gilded with smoked fish and a fresh, crisp garnish.

- Fine Cooking


Cosmopolitan Partners with Luxe Brands on First Fragrance Line

Hearst’s Cosmopolitan has launched its first branded beauty product with its fragrance line Eau de Juice. The media brand partnered with Luxe Brands, which has worked with celebrities like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber on fragrance lines in the past.


The Halo Effect Is Real: New Research Confirms that Ads Perform Better in Quality Contexts

Reports from World Media Group (WMG) and Integral Ad Science (IAS) found that digital ads viewed on trusted editorial sites generate a more engaged audience for advertisers. These reports confirm comScore’s 2016 research that showed ads viewed within a premium publisher environment drive significantly better advertising effectiveness, particularly for mid-funnel consideration.


More on Yankee Publishing Acquires Family Tree Magazine

“We’re pleased to welcome Family Tree to YPI’s family of products,” said President and CEO Jamie Trowbridge. “Family Tree fits well with our suite of brands, both in terms of content and business strategy. We’re excited to take this step to continue YPI’s growth as an independent media company.”


Microsoft’s MSDN Magazine Is Ending Its Run After More than Three Decades

MSDN Magazine originally started as two separate magazines – Microsoft Systems Journal (MSJ) and Microsoft Internet Developer (MIND) – which consolidated into MSDN Magazine in March 2000. The monthly magazine is available as a print magazine in the United States and online in several languages.


Ruth Reichl on 40 Years in Food Journalism—and What’s Missing from Instagram Restaurant Pics

Over the past four decades, Ruth Reichl has been one of the defining voices in American food culture. She has worked on all sides of the industry: as a chef in a collectively-owned restaurant in Berkeley, as the editor of the Los Angeles Times Food section, as one of the most influential food critics in the country at The New York Times, and as the editor in chief of Gourmet.


Billboard Korea to Launch Print Magazine

The Korean-language magazine is expected to launch in September. K-pop fans can look forward to exclusive industry news and analysis, interviews, full chart reports and original photography.


Newsroom Diversity Efforts Have Failed. It’s Time to Take a Structural Approach

Despite decades of warnings, diversity in newsrooms is still one of the most pressing challenges facing the journalism industry.


Michael Clinton-Tales from the Trails

Running: it’s as simple as striding forward just one foot after another, but as author Michael Clinton has learned over more than 40 years as a runner, it’s so much more than just exercise. From the streets of Paris, Buenos Aires, all the way to Sydney, Clinton has run 7 marathons on 7 continents, never forgetting his running shoes in all of his globetrotting adventures to over 120 countries.


From Front Row to Front Cover: A New Magazine Book By Didier Guérin

This book showcases the extensive experience of its author in the media industry, starting as a young journalist working in Paris, moving to New York as junior executive to launch the US edition of ELLE magazine, then moving to Sydney with a regional assignment to launch ELLE in 10 countries in Asia.


Call for Submissions: Adweek’s Hot List 2019

They're looking for the year's best in publishing, TV and digital content.


Access the New Social Media Report for Q2 2019!

The Magazine Media 360° Q2 2019 Social Media Report reveals that magazine brand Likes/Followers show a mild uptick (+2.4%) versus the prior quarter. In the last three months, Likes/Followers on the three tracked social networks increased over 26 million to a total of 1.1 billion.


Despite Scandals, Advertisers Say YouTube Kids Is Effective

Four years later, even with the scandal of violent Elsa, advertisers within the kids’ demo are still putting ad dollars behind YouTube Kids.




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