MPA Factbook

The annual MPA Magazine Media Factbook is one of the most widely sourced and relied upon tools in our industry. The Factbook features noteworthy research, useful statistics and compelling facts that articulate how magazine media is unique and its effectiveness compared to other media. Members are encouraged to use this information in conversations, brand presentations, and sales and marketing materials.

2019 MPA Factbook PDF

Download the MPA Magazine Media Factbook PDF to your desktop for easy reference and for sharing with colleagues.

This easy-to-use version provides 100 pages of audited, accredited and validated facts about the power of magazine media for you to reference and incorporate into your marketing and sales conversations.

MPA Factbook PPT

Look no further for accurate, current information to bolster and support your sales and marketing presentations!

Every page of the Factbook is available here as a downloadable PowerPoint slide.

We encourage you to use these ready-to-go slides and images in your own brand presentations and sales and marketing materials.