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Top Ten Mail Preparation Tips

Top Ten Mail Preparation Tips 

Just Say No to Sacks.  The Postal Service is providing more alternatives to sacks than ever.  Now, many smaller mailings can be entered in trays or on small pallets.


If You Cant Say No, Fill Em Up. Starting in May, the Postal Service plans to require that almost all sacks contain at least 24 pieces.  Get a head start by meeting this requirement now.


“Practice Makes ‘Perfect Bundle’ Preparation.”.  To facilitate postal automation and reduce potential damage to your magazines, ensure that bundles containing your magazines are securely prepared and that the address on the top mailpiece of the bundle is visible and readable.


 Mingling, Not Just a Cocktail Hour Activity.  Many printers and logistics companies offer comingling services that allow publishers to qualify for additional discounts by combining multiple magazines into the same bundles, pallets, and trucks.
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Fairrington Transportation also provides co-palletization services.)


Hit the Road, Jack.  Qualify for additional postage discounts and improve service by transporting your magazines as close to their final destination as possible.
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“Now, Where Do You Live Again?”  Each year, one out of every six Americans moves.  Make sure that your magazines get to the right address in a timely manner by keeping your subscribers addresses up-to-date.


“Become One With PostalOne!®.”  Streamline the USPS acceptance process through PostalOne!, an automated alternative to the hardcopy documentation used in the business mail acceptance process.


Dont Hesitate to Automate.  Wherever possible, prepare your magazines so they can be efficiently processed by the Postal Service on its automated sorters. (See USPS Publications 177 and 178.)


Get by With a Little Help From Your Friends.  Work with your printer and logistics providers to develop a distribution plan that will allow you to qualify for more postage discounts while, at the same time, reducing Postal Service costs.

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