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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Departures Magazine Is Sending out Key Fobs for an OLED-Animated Audi Ad
Simon Dumenco reports "Departures, the glossy magazine for American Express Platinum Card members published by Meredith Corporation, is merging print and digital for a new Audi campaign...a special animated insert for 25,000 targeted Departures subscribers, who will get a replica Audi key fob in the mail in a padded envelope along with the November/December issue containing the insert.
Idris Elba Named People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive"
Last year’s winner was country star Blake Shelton and other awardees have included Channing Tatum, Adam Levine, Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson — with whom Elba is currently shooting a movie.
The MPA Would Like to Thank Sponsors of December 3rd's Data Points Symposium
Acxiom ( ) provides the data foundation for the world’s best marketers. AdvantageCS ( ) is the developer of Advantage—marketing, subscription and membership software for publishers. Chartbeat, ( ) the content intelligence platform for publishers, tracks what people are reading on a second-by-second, pixel-by-pixel basis on each site, article and page. MRI ( ) provides businesses with a reliable and comprehensive view of consumers and the media marketplace.
More on TIME's Editor in Chief Felsenthal, Now Also Its CEO, Has Plans to Hire 60 People
Keith Kelly writes "TIME magazine said Monday that Editor-in Chief Edward Felsenthal will keep his job while also adding the CEO title. The deal by internet billionaire Marc Benioff and wife, Lynne, to buy the magazine from Meredith for $190 million was finalized last week."
More on Conde Nast Introduces New Global Creative Agency CNX
To reach a wider client base and offer deeper services, Conde Nast launched a newly expanded creative agency called CNX, capable of reaching a global audience and consolidating its many areas of expertise.
Colorado Is Home to 23 of Outside Magazine's 50 Best Places to Work (Gallery)
"This year, Colorado claimed 23 of the top 50 spots on Outside magazine's annual ranking of the best places to work, but that's not all. Another 21 companies from Colorado also made the magazine's honorable mention list."
MPA Next Visits YouTube
YouTube is the biggest video platform in the world with 1 billion hours watched every single day and 1.9 billion users logged in and watching every month. Join MPA’s young professionals group on 11/28 as we tour the YouTube Space New York and learn best practices to reach new viewers and drive revenue.
Which Food Magazine Has the Best Thanksgiving Cover?
"It’s a sea of gravy and weird side dishes out there: or publishers of food magazines, the November Thanksgiving issue — the one issue that a casual home cook is most likely to grab, in a panicked moment of desperation, as they add a bag of fresh cranberries to the grocery checkout conveyor belt — represents the time to truly bring their A-game." -Read the feature on Eater by Hillary Dixler Canavan, Daniela Galarza, Greg Morabito, and Erin DeJesus.
UK's Creative Boom Cites 22 of Today's Best Print Magazines for Creative Inspiration, Insight and Ideas
Anthony Wood writes "The smell of fresh print from a newly bought magazine. The way its front cover might stop you in your tracks and want to open its pages to discover more. The appealing use of typography and the layout of text. Photography, illustrations and beautifully crafted words. What's not to love?"
Publishers Step up the Fight Against Cookies Gone Rogue
For publishers, monitoring which cookies are dropped on their sites in the name of programmatic advertising takes effort. The General Data Protection Regulation has added another layer of pressure — making publishers liable for fines should any third parties that drop cookies then reuse that data for other purposes.
WatchPro to Launch As a Print Magazine in the United States
"WatchPro has been published as a focused news and inspiration website for the United States since January this year, and the spectacular growth of the digital platform has prompted its publisher to add a print magazine for the country as well."
Get a Video-Like Ad Experience at a Fraction of the Cost
Delivering 3 to 5 times better performance, Adsonica™ leads the way with the world's first single file audio display ad unit.
Why Publishers Are Taking Their Brands Offline with New Product Licensing Deals
“It’s important to understand that these deals are made to increase the value of the product for the companies,” said Steve Miller, director of undergraduate studies in journalism and media at Rutgers University. “The deals have been going on for years—it’s just more open now because of the openness of the media environment.”
Deadline Tomorrow— Do You Have an Award-Winning Insight Campaign?
The FIPP UPM Insight Awards celebrate the most effective insight projects from across our industry. Open to any project that delivered results in 2017 or 2018, these Awards enable media companies and trade associations to highlight research-driven pieces of work that have enabled them to materially improve their business.
FIPP London Is Happening on the 12th of December!
Not only will this event combine a select group of world-class speakers from the local region and across the globe, sharing their knowledge and insight, it will also celebrate the greatest talent in our industry, combining the FIPP Rising Stars in Media and FIPP Insight Awards. Delegates are invited to stay for the entire programme or can select to attend either the Insider programme or the Awards individually. The events are free to attend however each delegate will need to be confirmed and registered.
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