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Monday, October 29, 2018

People, Not Consumers: "5 Things We Learned from the ANA Meeting"
"Over four days in Orlando, marketers played golf, watched commercials from top CMOs and attended concerts. But when P&G marketing chief Marc Pritchard took the stage, he reminded the thousands of marketers in the audience that there’s a lot of real work to be done." reports Kerry Flynn.
Bonnier's Popular Science, USA Today Launch New Platforms to Spur Political Engagement
“The Popular Science Midterms Package” is a three-part series that turns the spotlight on the role of science in this election. It informs readers about science-supporting candidates and “flippable issues” that record massive engagement across social media.
TIME's "Guns in America" Cover by the Artist JR Was Months in the Making
A total of 245 people were photographed, and some of them come to life, so to speak, in the animated version of the cover produced for social media.
Parkland School Shooting Survivors Make the Cover of New York Magazine
Six Parkland students are featured in a New York Magazine cover story that looks at a half century of school shootings from Columbine to South Florida.
Associate Member Spotlight: 5 Questions with Patrick Kenny of Accio
Accio is a deep tech visual-led global advertising platform which enables publishers to monetize their image and video libraries. Its proprietary self-learning AI engine recognizes objects, identifies products and interprets actions in real time. It reads the stimuli embedded in images and videos and helps advertisers talk to customers at precisely the moment where desire is triggered.
Massive Android Ad Fraud Scheme Siphons Millions from Marketers
Alex Weprin reports "Google has removed the affected apps from its Google Play store for Android, though the damage has been done. BuzzFeedNews ( ) says hundreds of millions of dollars could have been stolen. “This is one of the largest apparent mobile app ad fraud schemes exposed to date,” Amy King, vice president, product marketing at Pixalate, tells Digital News Daily. “As detailed by BuzzFeed News, this appears to have been a multifaceted operation. We believe the scheme included the purchasing of apps, the creation of smart bots to mimic human behavior, and the operation of real people's phones to run ads in the background even when the phones were asleep and the app wasn't open."
Why Zoe Kravitz Wanted to Be Naked on the Cover of Rolling Stone
(“Technically,” jokes Zoë Kravitz, “this is my second cover.”) Now, for the cover of this issue, on the 30th anniversary of Bonet’s, Kravitz decided to recreate the shoot her mom did 30 years ago.
Get a Video-Like Ad Experience at a Fraction of the Cost
Delivering 3 to 5 times better performance, Adsonica™ leads the way with the world's first single file audio display ad unit.
How Science Fiction Magazines (—and Their Payment Rates) Shaped the Genre
Today, the real money to be found in science fiction might have moved past the pulp magazines and into Amazon's coffers. But science fiction will always owe a debt to the man and the magazine that shaped the genre.
Condé Nast Sets up Its Own UK Advertising Agency
It was opened a couple of months ago under the steerage of Simon Gresham Jones who joined Condé Nast International last year as chief digital officer with the remit of unearthing new revenue streams.
Vogue Hong Kong to Launch Early 2019
The bilingual print and digital publication will have to carve out a niche beside China and Taiwan editions.
Photo of a Starving Girl in Yemen Prompts Facebook to Remove Posts of Article
For a few hours after The New York Times published an article about conflict and hunger in Yemen, Facebook temporarily removed posts from readers who had tried to share the report on the social platform.
FIPP London Is Happening on the 12th of December!
Not only will this event combine a select group of world-class speakers from the local region and across the globe, sharing their knowledge and insight, it will also celebrate the greatest talent in our industry, combining the FIPP Rising Stars in Media and FIPP Insight Awards. Delegates are invited to stay for the entire programme or can select to attend either the Insider programme or the Awards individually. The events are free to attend however each delegate will need to be confirmed and registered.
Amazon Has Pulled Its Ads from Bloomberg Over China Hack Story
Sources say both Amazon and Apple are taking retributive measures against the outlet that alleged they were hacked by China.
FTC Seeks New Privacy Research
The agency said Wednesday that it is seeking “empirical research and economic frameworks,” as opposed to “pure opinion.” The FTC is specifically seeking research into how businesses and consumers view privacy.
Battle Over Negative Reviews on Yelp Could Go to Supreme Court
In a petition filed this month, Hassell's lawyers argue that people who have been harmed by online material -- ranging from “revenge porn” to the posting of private addresses, to defamatory reviews -- should be able to have the content removed.
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