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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Media Chart For August 19:Enthusiast Magazines Report Audience
Car and Driver took the top of the print/digital audience ranking at 16 million among enthusiast/car magazine brands.
Meredith Taps Steve Crowe as Vice President of Consumer Marketing
In his new role, Crowe will be responsible for the marketing of all Meredith media products to consumers, and he will oversee all subscriber acquisition and retention efforts. He will also lead other digital media marketing efforts such as search engine marketing and e-mail marketing.
How Lauren Valenti Drives Traffic to Marie Claire
Over the past year, the team has doubled and Valenti has helped launch some of the brand’s expansive, groundbreaking packages, like Women and Guns and the Beauty Boys of Instagram.
StyleWatch Partners With Zeekit for Virtual Try-on
StyleWatch for its September issue has partnered with Israeli startup Zeekit to help readers “try-on” the clothes in its pages. Zeekit is a mobile app that uses a full-body picture of the user and automatically proportions clothing within the app to fit their body, allowing for a “virtual” try-on on their phone.
Facebook suspends Domain Insights, changing rules of the road for new publishers
On the last day of June, Facebook dammed up a stream of audience data that publishers once used to see how their content performed inside Facebook. Late last week, it acknowledged that it may not turn the tap back on, either.
Do Millennials Prefer Smartwatches To Facebook?
While one doesn’t necessarily exclude the other, new research does find that 44% of Millennials now own a smartwatch, while just 43% cite Facebook as their preferred social network.
George Curry, a champion of black press, dies at 69
For decades, Curry had written columns that appeared in papers across the country. He was also the founding editor of the award-winning Emerge magazine.
How Bustle gets people to average 6 minutes on its app
“It’s a great way to have a direct connection with our readers,” Bustle editor Kate Ward said. “We’ve always been pretty open about the fact that we don’t depend on any one platform. We want to reach readers in any way they want to be reached.” acquired for $900M in mega ad-tech deal
Eventually the company is set to be acquired from the consortium by Miteno Communication Technology, a Chinese tech conglomerate. The transaction is one of the largest ad-tech deals in history, ahead of notable exits like Google’s $750 million dollar acquisition of AdMob in 2010 and Twitter’s $350 million dollar acquisition of MoPub in 2013.
Self Adds to Team
Self has named Dania Ortiz fashion director. She previously served as fashion market and accessories director.
Fashionista's 2016 September Issue Superlatives
The highly anticipated September issues are out on newsstands and we've been watching closely as the fashion glossies rolled out their buzziest covers, flashiest editorials and most Insta-ready casts of celebrities and models.
Interview: Matthew Schroyer, founder and president, the Professional Society of Drone Journalists
Blake Shelton lands celebrity news covers left and right
Facebook can climb more than 20 percent on ad growth
Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), the leader in helping CPG marketers optimize return on advertising spend (ROAS) with in-store purchase data, presented the study, “Yes, Advertising Works. Now, What’s My ROAS Across Media Platforms?” at the Advertising Research Foundation's Audience Measurement 2016 conference. The study generated benchmarks that allow marketers to compare the return they should expect from every dollar of their cross-media, digital video, display, linear TV and magazine advertising spending. In its analysis, NCS worked with The Advertising Research Foundation, CBS Corporation, Meredith Corporation, Sequent Partners and a prominent technology and display advertising company.
Magazines: Highest Return on Advertising Spend

Do you ever feel like your brain is stuck in a rut? A new study from neuroscientists James M. Shine and colleagues reveals the existence of ‘temporal metastates’ in human brain activity. These metastates are modes or patterns of activity that can persist over days, weeks or even months at a time, and they seem to be related to fluctuations in energy levels and attention.