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Monday, June, 27, 2016

Time Inc. CEO Ripp: Magazines Excel at Reader Engagement and ROI
According to Ripp, the Nielsen Catalina study reinforces the concept that ads are an integral part of the content for which magazine readers are willing to spend money. It’s one of the reasons why Time Inc. last year created The Foundry, the Brooklyn-based facility where some of the company’s senior writers and editors are helping advertisers engage with readers.
Time Inc. Launches "Instant" with Short-Form Video from Social Media Stars
Instant is available in browsers and does not require viewers to download any additional apps. Instead, they can swipe up and down to treat themselves to a variety of videos from Time’s creative partners. On desktop devices, the arrow keys take serve as Instant’s navigational tools. Beyond its homepage, Instant content will be distributed through social media platforms like Facbeook, Instagram, and YouNow, as well as on the websites of Time Inc. properties like People and Entertainment Weekly.
The Media Chart: W's for LeBron James and Jon Snow, Shelter Magazines Report Audience
Country Living, Southern Living, and This Old House dominated the top three spots for print + digital audience in April 2016, -read more to see the magazine media brands that also made the top ten...
10 Largest Advertisers by Measured Medium, 2016 Edition
Kantar Media U.S. and PIB data ranked by U.S. measured-media spending in 2015.
Jay Fielden Discusses the Future of Esquire
“ has around 15 million unique visitors a month, and I consider it a laboratory where you can learn and try new things every day to help answer the tough questions we’re asking together. What’s obvious is that although it’s essential that digital and print spring from a common manifesto, they express the Esquire brand in intriguingly different ways,” Jay Fielden.
How Mary Norris, The New Yorker's "Comma Queen," Became a Video Star
The New Yorker doesn’t break out individual viewership numbers for video views on its website, but the videos rack up between 50,000 and 250,000 views on the publisher’s Facebook page, fostering a loyal following likely drawn to her warm personality.
Chris Mosier Is First Transgender Athlete in ESPN’s "Body Issue"
An openly transgender athlete will be featured for the first time in the “Body Issue” of ESPN The Magazine, which has made a point of featuring a wide range of body types in its annual package of nude images of professional athletes.
More on Essence Enhances Content, Promotes Beauty Box at Festival Expo
The festival, which takes place in New Orleans from June 30-July 3, will have five daytime programming themes, including Entrepreneurship, Entertainment All Access, Election 2016 and Empowerment & Inspiration.
Rising Stars: How Abigail Jones Has Navigated Magazine Media
Currently serving as senior writer at Newsweek, Jones earned an additional M.A. just six years ago, from the Columbia Journalism School and co-authored the New York Times non-fiction bestseller “Restless Virgins: Love, Sex, and Survival in Prep School,” now a Lifetime Original Movie.
Toyota Asked Reddit a Question and Didn't Immediately Get Ripped to Shreds
Reddit users answered it earnestly. Rather than trolling the brand, Redditors, who have been notoriously advertising-averse in the past, responded with honest (and goofy) answers, racking up more than 300 comments.
What Does "The Internet of Things" Mean for Publishers?
The Internet of Things has become the buzz-phrase for the connected world. But what exactly does it mean for publishers? Gregory Cornelius, MD of Singapore-based Modn Media explains.
MPA Magazine Media Spotlight: Bill Cunningham, Fashion Photographer Dies at 87
In Harper's Bazaar, the fashion world remembers Bill Cunningham - The industry took to social media en masse to remember and pay tribute to the street-style photographer, and Harper's Bazaar has gathered some of the most poignant tweets and comments.
More on Jessica Alba at the InStyle Cover Dinner in New York
At 1:48 in the video, Jessica Alba's fashion ensemble worn at the InStyle cover dinner on June 16 is reviewed in the segment "Look for Less."
Brand to Know: A Clothing Line and Magazine — Rolled Into One
The idea for Hesperios Journal: Designer Autumn Hruby originally considered making an art book a decade ago, and began to gather content in 2012. “I really love what Rei Kawakubo created with SIX Magazine — it’s sort of journalistic — very inspiring,” she says, citing Cahiers d’Art, Lapham’s Quarterly, ACNE Paper and Visionaire as other sources of inspiration.
Billboard Editor Moves Over to Complex Media
Gale’s resume encompasses earlier stints at The Source, VIBE magazine and He also was not too long ago the bassist for “NYC’s illest hip-hop band” Dujeous, helping write and produce songs for the group as well.
Blinkist Launches a Magazine That’s the Cliff’s Notes for Picking Your Cliff’s Notes
Blinkist takes non-fiction books and offers them in an abridged format, allowing users to understand the key concepts and ideas of these books within 15 minutes via kindle, the mobile app or on the web.
Simpson: Mobile Ads Will Be Blocked More Than Those On Desktop
George Simpson writes "Only someone trying to wait out the remaining three hours of an acid trip would click on a listicle knowing that they will have to load 25 pages (with yet more ads on each, plus interstitials) to see the entire "story." Even the frequency of Facebook ads seem to be increasing."
No, There’s Not a Glut of Magazine Titles at Newsstand
Janice Celeste: Is This Black Parenting Magazine Racist?
Driehaus Exhibit Flips Through Pages of Satirical Magazine "Puck"
Interview Names Jason Nikic Chief Revenue Officer
At Cannes, Advertising Industry Confronts Facebook
Vice's Secret to Success: Obsessive Focus on Youth
...Read All About It! 2.7 Billion Adults Read Newspapers in Print
Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), the leader in helping CPG marketers optimize return on advertising spend (ROAS) with in-store purchase data, presented the study, “Yes, Advertising Works. Now, What’s My ROAS Across Media Platforms?” at the Advertising Research Foundation's Audience Measurement 2016 conference. The study generated benchmarks that allow marketers to compare the return they should expect from every dollar of their cross-media, digital video, display, linear TV and magazine advertising spending. In its analysis, NCS worked with The Advertising Research Foundation, CBS Corporation, Meredith Corporation, Sequent Partners and a prominent technology and display advertising company.
Magazines: Highest Return on Advertising Spend
In Harper's Bazaar, the fashion world remembers Bill Cunningham - The industry took to social media en masse to remember and pay tribute to the street-style photographer, and Harper's Bazaar has gathered some of the most poignant tweets and comments.