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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Magazines Show the Highest Return on Advertising Spend
Today at the Advertising Research Foundation Audience Measurement 2016 conference, Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) presented a study on return on advertising spend (ROAS) that showed magazines deliver the highest return, with an average return of $3.94 for every dollar spent on advertising. According to the study “Yes, Advertising Works. Now, What’s My ROAS Across Media Platforms?” the next closest media platform is display advertising with a ROAS of $2.63.
More on Folio:'s Top Women in Media
There were scores of MPA members honored this year across many categories, InStyle creative Director Rina Stone was recognized for industry leadership, along with MXM's Georgine Anton who was singled out as a corporate visionary, Lauren Brown at Quartz, Food Network Magazine's Maile Carpenter, Entertainment Weekly's Ellie Duque, Michelle Ebanks of ESSENCE Communications, Bonnie Kintzer at TMBI, and many, many more.
Good Housekeeping's Jane Francisco on the Changing Roles of Magazine Editors
Francisco: "The most important part of my job has really never changed: I oversee a team whose top priority is creating the most compelling, inspiring, useful, authoritative, meaningful and engaging content to address the needs and wants of our extensive audience—25+ million readers—regardless of where or how they consume our content..."
Hearst Taps Michelle Spinale for Consumer Engagement
"My top priority is to work closely with the brands to identify existing partnerships that can be expanded as well as new programs that align well with Hearst's extensive and passionate audiences,” Spinale told Publishers Daily.
How Alison Overholt of ESPN The Magazine and espnW Spends Her Downtime
As VP and editor-in-chief of ESPN The Magazine and espnW, Alison Overholt travels back and forth between ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut, and New York City at least once a week. But the travel affords her plenty of time to read, a pastime which she loves but rarely finds time for as the mom of one daughter and the soon-to-be mom of a baby boy.
Tim Leong Named Creative Director of EW
Time Inc. has named Tim Leong creative director of Entertainment Weekly. He’s the first staffer to occupy that role in EW’s 26-year history
How the New Gucci Does Video, with Help from Condé Nast
"Gucci has a very strong voice, and we used that as a North Star,” said Josh Stinchcomb, managing director of 23 Stories. “When we’re creating content, we can always refer back to it. That makes the brand so ripe for storytelling.”
An Open Letter on xoJane from a Survivor of the Orlando Nightclub Shooting
“Omar, you failed…You tried to massacre the very one thing that you can never destroy in our community. Ever. You can not take away our love. It is more powerful than anything else that exists in the world,” explained Alejandro A. Francisco, in an open letter to Omar Mateen, which was posted on on Monday.
Wagner: Does the LinkedIn Sale Put Twitter in Play? Yes, It Does.
There have long been talks that a big tech company like Google or Facebook or even Microsoft might swoop in for Twitter. Now that feels almost inevitable...
Publishers and Platforms: Who Will Win Control of Content and Distribution?
Publishers are losing control over both the distribution channels and their audience, and power has shifted into the hands of social platforms that are increasingly becoming walled gardens.
Boomtime for Snapchat: What Do Its Latest changes Mean for Publishers?
Chris Sutcliffe writes "Snapchat is an uncontested success story. It's just overtaken Twitter in terms of daily active users - up to 150 million as of last week - and it has a userbase which appears to be deeply invested in its content."
Anatol Kovarsky, New Yorker Cartoonist for Decades, Dies at 97
Mr. Kovarsky, an artist and illustrator whose sense of whimsy and the absurd made him a fixture at The New Yorker from the late 1940s through the 1960s as both a cartoonist and a cover artist, died on June 1 at his home in Manhattan.
In Deal with Ziff Davis, a Way for Denton to Keep
How Can Publishers Inspire Trust in an Era of Distributed Media?
Morocco Bans Sharing Newspapers
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Magazines Show the Highest Return on Advertising Spend

In XOJane: You don’t know me, but I wish you would have.