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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

From IMAG 2016: Distrust Abounds in the Facebook-Publisher Relationship
Greg Dool reports: The independent wing of the Association of Magazine Media (MPA) gathered for the annual IMAG conference last week at the Mark Hopkins Hotel high atop San Francisco's Nob Hill, a neighborhood that both physically and metaphorically towers over the city below. But it was the presence of Silicon Valley, a mere 40 miles south, that loomed over portions of the proceedings, appropriately resembling the shadows of uncertainty cast over the publishing industry by the likes of Facebook and Google.
Time Inc. Responds to Yahoo Acquisition Rumors, Lays Out Growth Strategy
Time Inc. opened its doors Tuesday to investors and journalists to unfurl its business strategy for the year. The major touch points related to areas of growth including native advertising, e-commerce, video, live events and its acquisition of Viant, which offers cloud-based technology for advertisers that includes targeting, programmatic and measurement capabilities.
Time Inc. Launches Mobile-First, All Video Platform "Instant"
Time Inc. announced the upcoming launch of Instant, a new mobile-first, all-video digital platform featuring content “about the lives and projects of digital celebrities,” as well as content created by the digital celebrities, the company stated.
How TIME Reversed 10 Years of Revenue Declines
When print revenue grew 4 percent last year and digital 36 percent, it was a cause for some celebration. “This team has been able to reverse 10 years of straight revenue decline,” crowed Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp, speaking at an “open house” for investors at the company’s lower Manhattan base Tuesday.
Shape Launches First Shape Body Shop
Shape magazine has opened up registration for its first “Shape Body Shop” workout pop-up event, inspired by the magazine’s new “Body Shop” section, which premiered in the March 2016 issue. The first “Shape Body Shop” event will be held at Hudson Loft in Los Angeles on June 18, followed by a second event in New York on October 22.
Q&A The Economist's Paul Rossi: An Inside Look at The Economist's Multiplatform Strategy
"The storytelling space has opened up. Video is interesting way to do it. Podcasts are long-form audio. People are increasingly mobile and social and that’s visual. But there is a place for long-form and text. It’s not about dumbing down." -president of digital for the The Economist Group, Paul Rossi.
Q&A with Hearst's Mike Smith: Are Private Exchanges About to Have Their Day?
The stakes here are huge for publishers, since an open exchange RTB ad that sells with a CPM of $1.50 could snare as much as $15 if sold in guaranteed fashion. Hearst has a solution called Core Audience that serves as a clearing house for the unsold inventory across all Hearst properties, including 30 newspapers, 31 television stations, and some 60 magazines globally.
InStyle's Ariel Foxman,'s Leah Chernikoff, and Allure's Kristie Dash Explain How Social Media Can Help (or Not) You Get a Job in Fashion
"We do consider if someone has a big following as a plus... if you're a director of one of our departments and you're going to be creating content about your experience, people want to follow you," offers InStyle Editorial Director Ariel Foxman, "If you're a market editor, it's important that you have a pretty vibrant social media life because that job is social."
Candice Huffine Style Watch Cover with Chanel Iman and Gigi Hadid, and It’s Not a "Body" Issue
Ashley Hoffman writes: "It just shows you that a mainstream magazine recognizes that people who buy all of the denim come in all sizes, and so should the people a magazine chooses. We acknowledge that visible body diversity in magazines isn’t on the scale it needs to be yet, but this is a start."
Grainger: Vulnerable to Digital Upstarts, Publishers Should Invest in Incubating New Ventures
There was a time, not so long ago, when the barrier to entry in the magazine industry was substantial: The biggest change — and now the biggest threat to established publishers — is that digital media has created a market in which $50K can get you a seat at the table, particularly if your focus and target market is niche.
Imagination Award Winners Revealed at IMAG Conference
The winners of the inaugural Imagination Awards, recognizing the best work produced by independent magazine media brands, were revealed by the Association of Magazine Media (MPA) in San Francisco last week as part of the IMAG 2016 proceedings.
Ad Blocking to Cost U.S. Media Owners $12Bn by 2020
Publishers and Brands, Get Ready for the Snapchat Algorithm
Every Picture a Potential Point of Purchase
An International Magazine for Men Launches in the Middle East
Magazine about Muslim Women Aims to Highlight Diversity
Rebel Wilson Sues Bauer's Aussie Magazine Group Arm for Saying She Lied About Her Age and Upbringing
New York Times Magazine Profile Stirs Controversy Over Iran Nuclear Deal
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