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Friday, May 6, 2016

Time Inc. Says They’ve Surpassed BuzzFeed in Native Ad Revenue
Time Inc. Chief Executive Joe Ripp claimed that the nation’s biggest magazine publisher now rings up more revenue from native advertising than the successful digital darling BuzzFeed, which he termed one of the “digital attackers.”
Time Inc. CEO Joseph Ripp Discusses His Take on Digital Ventures, Spending and Video
Mr. Ripp explains what new content, products, and services Time Inc. is offering in the areas of OTT and video and the opportunities it will provide for advertisers.
NewFront Review: Time Inc.
The company announced its best quarterly earnings in two years with a 23% year-over-year growth in digital revenue and a 1% growth in overall revenue this morning. But at New York’s Gotham Hall, the story was about video and an aggressively large slate at NewFronts.
More on Time Inc. Announces Launch of Video Network, Virtual Reality App
Keith Kelly writes: "Time’s most ambitious play is the new PEWN streaming video network that is aiming for the cord-cutters fleeing cable."
More on Hearst's "Magic Mike Live + Cosmopolitan" at the NewFronts
Hearst, BuzzFeed, and Vox (three top Snapchat Discover partners) touted buzzy announcements and stats during their presentations, but a few other publishers interestingly plan to launch new media brands through the ephemeral video app.
Behind the Scenes of the June InStyle Cover Shoot
At 0:09 Extra gained exclusive access to all the images from the beach-side photo shoot of Julia Roberts featured in the June issue on newsstands May 13th.
More on Julia Roberts InStyle June Cover and Interview
Julia Roberts Explains Why She Avoids Social Media and Popular TV Shows, Thinks Jodie Foster Is "So Scary"
Houston: Circulation Managers Had Just One Job - Not Any More
It’s been a while since publishing professionals had just one job… Now everyone is expected to be a multidisciplinary, multitasking, cross-departmental, cross-platform ninja.
Joe Berger: The ACT 6 Conference Addresses the Newsstand
Mr. Berger writes: "When will sales stop declining? When we give readers a compelling reason to buy. When the producers of the content, the publishers decide that it is a channel of sales that they should pay attention to. In fact, during the ACT conference, we heard from several publishers who are doing well on the newsstand precisely because they are paying attention to their business."
The 2016 Media Future Summit Will Be Held in Association with The 4A’s, The ANA, CTAM, Digital Content Next, The Digital Entertainment Group, The MPA and the NAA
Bob Garfield, co-host of public radio’s “On the Media”, MediaPost columnist and chief organizer of the summit, welcomes the participation of these organizations and their anticipated contributions: “The delicate way of saying this is that the Summit will be a uniquely ecumenical gathering consisting of the best minds and biggest leaders from the entirety of the media-marketing ecosystem. The more descriptive way is to say we're all in this boat together, and the vessel is taking on water very fast."
Cover Battle: Glamour or Entertainment Weekly
Brash Magazine Takes on Japan’s Mainstream Media
2016 Is Not the Turnaround Year for Newspapers
New York Times, Winner of 119 Pulitzer Prizes, Will Now Serve Dinner with the News
CDS Global, MediaRadar, Publishers Press, SocialFlow, MediaWorks 360, PressReader , West Linn/Port Hawkesbury, WoodWing , DjG Marketing, Advantage CS, Zinio, Comag, Signet Research.
Come hear indie brand leaders candidly share their insights on the growth drivers for their businesses, followed by a discussion about future growth. Featuring: Andy Clurman, President and CEO, Active Interest Media; Chuck Croft, President, Kalmbach Publishing; Rebecca Wesson Darwin, Founder and CEO, Garden & Gun; and Paul Rossi, President, The Economist Media Business; and moderated by John Battelle, EIC and CEO, NewCo. See agenda and register today.
MinDay 2016
May 11 - 13, 2016
InterContinental Mark Hopkins San Francisco
Join us in San Francisco for the 12th Annual IMAG Conference, bringing together independent magazine media executives from around the country. Peer-to-peer networking coupled with peerless intelligence on issues central to enthusiast brands make this meeting essential for all indie leaders, including c-suite, editorial, digital, revenue, development and more.
They know you better than you know yourself. Creepy... Megan Friedman writes: "Nick Nelson, Netflix's global manager of creative services, detailed the research in a company blog post. "Broadly, we know that if you don't capture a member's attention within 90 seconds, that member will likely lose interest and move onto another activity," he wrote. When you browse the site, you spend 82% of your time looking at artwork, rather than reading titles or descriptions. So if Netflix doesn't give you photos that look cool, you'll likely just close the tab and check Facebook again instead. "