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Friday October 16, 2015

Q&A with Time Inc.'s Joe Ripp
“We’re going to put emphasis on wherever the customer wants to consume content. If customers like our print products, we’ll continue to sell them. Print isn’t going away; it’s going to be around for the next 50 years. It’s still a very significant part of our business and it will be for the next 25 years.” Time Inc. CEO, Joe Ripp.
The Kardashians, Sarah Hyland and Lydia Hearst Toast Cosmopolitan’s 50th Birthday
On Monday night at Ysabel in West Hollywood, editor in chief Joanna Coles welcomed matriarch Kris Jenner and all of her daughters, except for model-of-the-moment Kendall, who was in China.
Duncan Edwards, President and CEO of Hearst Magazines International, Named FIPP Chairman
Said Edwards: “In this exciting time of transformation, FIPP is a valuable resource and a powerful voice for content publishers around the world. I am honoured to become chairman, and look forward to working with Chris and his talented team over the next two years to inspire, advise and help our members grow and evolve.”
Mark Harris Looks Back at 25 Years of Entertainment Weekly
Later this month, Entertainment Weekly is hosting a special one-day EW Fest in New York to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Featured interview guests include Tina Fey, Chris Carter and Aziz Ansari.
Publishers like Bauer, Kiplinger, Sporting News, Embrace Social Platforms, Mobile
Doug Harbrecht, director of digital media at Kiplinger, noted: “We made a push into social media, and we’ve seen social media go from 5%-6% a few years ago to 25% to 30%.”
How The Atlantic Gets People to Spend more than 4 Minutes on Its Native Ads
Ad measurement firm Nudge confirmed that since the redesign, the Atlantic’s native ads are getting shared more on social platforms and that they now outperform BuzzFeed and Mashable in terms of the time readers spend on them.
Q&A with's Elisa Benson
"Just because you have a personal Twitter account and a few thousand followers doesn’t mean you can navigate a Facebook algorithm change, or create a compelling Snapchat story, or understand what Instagram photos drive boosts in followers and which ones don’t."'s social director, Elisa Benson.
Q&A with Forbes Media's Mike Perlis
The biggest challenge was putting the right team of people from inside the company and from outside the company who had both the inclination and skills that were based around a digital future," said Forbes Media CEO Mike Perlis.
Wallpaper Is Launching a "Bespoke" U.S. Edition
"We had a nice idea, because we come across so many people who have all the editions, of just having a lovely shot of their interior, quite discreet, and then on a shelf you see the distinctive spines [of Wallpaper]," editor-in-chief Tony Chambers.
Google Boss Warns of "Forgotten Century" with eMail and Photos at Risk
Anna Wintour Sits in on New York Times Meeting
Rick and Kathy Hilton Crash Cosmo’s 50th Anniversary Party
Bloomberg Markets to Relaunch in 2016, to Go to Bimonthly
Maxim Lowers Rate Base; Relaunches Magazine
Cover Battle: W or Complex
Here's How Google Gives Publishers a 100 Percent Viewable Ad Option
The Washington Post Pulls About Even With the New York Times in Online Readership
Dysfunctional Train Wreck at Tribune Publishing Rolls on
Twitter And Facebook Are Turning Publishers into Ghost Writers
Newsonomics: The Thinking (and Dollars) Behind The New York Times’ New Digital Strategy
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The Ellie Awards 2016 Call for Entries is now posted at Founded in 1966, the Ellies are one of the most sought-after awards in print and digital journalism—every year nearly 1,800 entries are submitted. More than 100 finalists and winners will be honored at the Annual Ellie Awards Dinner, hosted by ASME, at the Grand Hyatt New York on Monday, February 1, 2016.
October 21 - 22, 2015
Two-day seminar for junior-level editors on print and digital fundamentals. Learn how to pitch and assign • line edit • write display type • work with art and photo • write and edit for the web • maximize the value of social media • manage your career
November 05, 2015
Hearst Tower
The fastest growing magazine media audience platform today – mobile – is still largely untapped from engagement to monetization by magazine brands. Mobile Matters will bring together leaders in magazine media and the varied technology partners working to harness the promise of the mobile platform.
November 05, 2015
The law is changing as fast as your job description. Are you keeping up?
February 01 - 02, 2016
Grand Hyatt New York
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