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Friday, August 21, 2015

Magazines Can Compete with the Web —with the Right Design
Great magazine covers once held pride of place in the home—certainly in my home. They were social and intellectual status symbols. And among them, 92 covers that George Lois created for Esquire from 1962 to 1972 stand above almost all others.
8 Donald Trump Magazine Covers Ranked from Hilariously Random to Just Plain Creepy
Donald Trump's presidential campaign is still doing surprisingly well, considering the billionaire has said some pretty offensive things and is, you know, himself. He even appeared on the most recent cover of TIME magazine, proving that his campaign is being taken seriously.
People StyleWatch Gets Redesign, "Blippable Content"
People StyleWatchis getting a new look and editorial approach, including interactive content in its print edition, courtesy of an integration with Blippar. The makeover should help the magazine keep pace with the fast-changing trends of millennial style.
Reddit Helps Condé Nast Set Traffic Record
The site grabbed 32.8 million unique visits, meaning Reddit provided almost 40 percent of Condé’s traffic. Wired was Condé’s top performer among magazines, attracting 13.4 million unique visits.
Why Target Had the Only Ad in Vogue's September Issue with a Digital Edge
This year, the retailer sprung for an imaginative 11-page spread that recreated classic Vogue ads from the past 100 years — using only Target products. To connect with smartphone users, the company, which worked with the agency Mother, tapped Shazam to tie its physical pages to extra digital content.
Jerkins: The 7 Black Women on Magazine Covers in September Showcase our Greatness
There are seven black women gracing September magazine covers: Willow Smith, Beyoncé, Kerry Washington, Ciara, Serena Williams, Misty Copeland and Amandla Stenberg.
For the First Time, the National Enquirer Is Ad-Free
An end-of-summer gift from American Media Inc. CEO David Pecker and chief content officer Dylan Howard.
Cover Battle: Time or The Hollywood Reporter
The Long Life and Quiet Death of True Detective Magazine
Husni: The Dark Side of Social Media and Why We Will Always NEED Magazines
New Republic Adds 3 Editors
People on the Move in Magazine Media
Zuckerman Calling off Daily News Sale "Will Damage Its Credibility"
Planners See TV's Share of Ad Spend Declining
Google Ordered to Remove Links to "Right to be Forgotten" Removal Stories
Twitter Opens Up Its Mobile Ad Network, Introduces Video
The Two Biggest Reasons Your Content Marketing Is Failing
Whether you are print, web, app, or all three, there’s a new social browsing tool that solves some of the biggest problems confronting mobile media today: monetization and reducing user acquisition costs. Introducing HI-FI, The Mobile Lifestyle Network™, the first user-curated social browser for today's app generation. —It’s the fastest and easiest way for users to access and share all of their news, knowledge, lifestyle and private content from one place. Read More...
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In Scientific American: According to the global temperature data compiled separately by NASA, NOAA, and the Japan Meteorological Agency, this July was the warmest July on record going back more than a century. It follows three other warmest months this year, with the remaining months ranking among the top four hottest, meaning that 2015 is the warmest year-to-date.