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Thursday, August 6, 2015

People Magazine TV Commercial, "Photobombing"
We're not the only ones who like to photobomb pictures. From Jennifer Lawrence to Dustin Hoffman, People Magazine reminds us that even celebrities like to have their fun on the red carpet.
Condé Nast CEO Talks Glamour’s Future at Private Meeting
Last week, Glamour staffers gathered for their annual editorial meeting, which is usually a time for editors to draw inspiration from a speaker handpicked by editor in chief Cindi Leive before they head into the busy fall season.
InStyle's Danielle Prescod Featured As a Rising Star
ELLE, Teen Vogue, InStyle. If it seems that Danielle Prescod’s résumé reads like the ideal magazine subscription round-up, you would be right.
Q&A with Pamela Jaccarino, Editor in Chief, Luxe Magazine
“In the day and age of “print is dead” we really feel that there’s still a place for print. I work with a group of very young editors who still love print and who still value print. We still believe that if you create something that is well done and artfully put together and you produce it with good, high-quality, there is still a place for print. Print is not dead exclamation point.” Pamela Jaccarino.
Find Highlights Magazine's New Hidden Pictures App
Highlights for Children is preparing to release a new "hidden pictures" app featuring the magazine's iconic puzzle game, which has educated and entertained kids (and sometimes their parents) for decades.
Publishers Latest Mobile-Engagement Trick: The Truncated Article Page
As sidedoor visits continue to dominate publishers’ traffic, many are coming up with new ways of holding onto — or at the very least extracting more value from — their mobile readers. For the likes of The New York Times, Huffington Post and Quartz, one successful tactic is the “read full story” button, which appears within articles after a few paragraphs for mobile readers.
Wall Street Bails on Big Media Stocks
Big media companies used to insist that cord-cutters — people dropping pay TV for Internet video — were a myth. Then they said cord-cutting might exist, but only in edge cases. Then they said they were more interested in cord-nevers — people who had yet to sign up for pay TV.
The New Magazine Media 360⁰ Brand Audience Report and The Social Media Report Are Available
Access the latest data for first half 2015 and Q2 2015!
More on Forbes and Tinder's Partnership on a Very Exclusive App for Career Networking
InStyle's Kim Peiffer Discusses Caitlin Jenner's Style
InStyle Reveals Tips and Tricks for Easily Removing Eye Makeup Mistakes
The New Yorker Turns the Tables on TMZ
Miles Teller Covers Esquire
More on Idris Elba Making History for Maxim Magazine
I-D to Launch Luxury-Centric Video Channel Amuse
Reddit Decides Quarantining Isn’t Enough, Bans Racist Subreddits
In the U.K. —Man Selling Playboy Magazine Collection on Facebook for £50: They've Only Been Used a Few Times
Journalists on the Media Beat Critique Jon Stewart on His Last Day
Why The Biggest Debate in Advertising Is Irrelevant
There’s nothing abstract about the height or width of an ad – those dimensions can be quantified. We believe the same about media quality. If you’re not measuring this third dimension, media quality, your campaign is missing its full potential. And you’re not getting the most value for every dollar you spend. Integral Ad Science offers a comprehensive suite of tools that gives buyers and sellers actionable intelligence on a wide variety of media quality data such as Viewability, Fraud, and Brand Safety. We’ve also created a proprietary holistic quality measurement called TRAQ Score, which combines multiple elements of media quality into one simple aggregate number.
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The New Yorker's David Remnick writes: Four nights a week for sixteen years, Jon Stewart, the host and impresario of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” has taken to the air to expose our civic bizarreries. He has been heroic and persistent. Blasted into orbit by a trumped-up (if you will) impeachment and a stolen Presidential election, and then rocketing through the war in Iraq and right up to the current electoral circus, with its commodious clown car teeming with would-be Commanders-in-Chief, Stewart has lasered away the layers of hypocrisy in politics and in the media. On any given night, a quick montage of absurdist video clips culled from cable or network news followed by Stewart’s vaudeville reactions can be ten times as deflating to the self-regard of the powerful as any solemn editorial—and twice as illuminating as the purportedly non-fake news that provides his fuel.