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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Time Inc. Beats Earnings Expectations, Delivers Profit Bump
Media company delivers profit of $24 million compared to a loss of $32 million a year ago: "Over a full year has passed since our spin-off from Time Warner," said chairman and CEO Joe Ripp. "As an independent public company, Time Inc. is renewing the organization’s creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. We are extending our brands and content assets wherever audiences wish to experience them. We remain confident in our plan to fundamentally reengineer the business and reposition our company for its return to growth."
7 Brands with Print Magazines That Are Actually Awesome
If print is dying, brands haven’t gotten the message. Lately, (magazines) seem to be popping up faster than startups pitching themselves as “the Uber of _____.”
Motor Trend’s YouTube Series "Roadkill" Is Becoming a Print Magazine Aimed at Millennial Car Lovers
Ten: The Enthusiast Network has enjoyed massive success with the original YouTube series “Roadkill.” The company is planning to roll out a quarterly print magazine starting in September along with a website and a series of live events. —And get this: the team behind Motor Trend isn’t just trying to get those millennials to put down their phones and pick up a magazine, it’s charging them $9.99 an issue.
Q&A with GQ's Howard Mittman: How GQ Is Continuing Its Digital Evolution
Next month, it'll be a year since Howard Mittman took over as VP and publisher of GQ after a notably successful stint as VP and publisher at WIRED. Here, Mittman discusses his biggest successes of the past year at GQ and what's ahead for year two.
Gigi Hadid Graces W’s September Cover, with Limited-Edition Gold Foil
September is the highest-stakes month of the year for fashion titles: W went with model Gigi Hadid for this year’s September issue, which hits newsstands on August 18, deeming her a “Post It Girl.”
Highlights Kids' Magazine Is Going Digital
The publisher is teaming up with a San Francisco startup to develop games, as well as an interactive version of the magazine for mobile devices.
The New Magazine Media 360⁰ Brand Audience Report and The Social Media Report Are Available
Access the latest data for first half 2015 and Q2 2015!
“It’s Like Seeing Your Grandpa in a Nightclub” —The New York Times’ Challenge in Building a Digital Brand
More on Time Inc.'s Print Programmatic
The Decisions Behind the New York Magazine’s Cosby Cover
Lindsey Vonn Gives InStyle an Exclusive Look into Her ESPYs Preparation Routine
Allure Magazine Uses White Model in Afro Feature
Miley Cyrus and Stella Maxwell Go Wild for W Magazine
The New Republic Adds Another Potent Ingredient
More on the NYU Journalism Alum Taking the Helm of Meredith’s FamilyFun Launches Mini Vogue
Surface Magazine Increases Fashion Content
The Selfless Lei Feng Is Back — As a Magazine
Stop Being Skeptical About Branded Content
Verizon's Spending Spree Signals Death to the Ad Ecosystem
Ad-Blocking Companies and EFF Unveil New "Do Not Track" Standards
Your Postal Rates Are Going Down… —Eventually
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In The Atlantic: The jobs that are least vulnerable to automation tend to be held by women... Many economists and technologists believe the world is on the brink of a new industrial revolution, in which advances in the field of artificial intelligence will obsolete human labor at an unforgiving pace. Two Oxford researchers recently analyzed the skills required for more than 700 different occupations to determine how many of them would be susceptible to automation in the near future, and the news was not good: They concluded that machines are likely to take over 47 percent of today’s jobs within a few decades.