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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Rodale Signs with UTA, Expands into TV
The publisher of Men’s Health, Prevention, and many other notable magazine media brands has signed with UTA to develop TV programming: "For more than 70 years, Rodale has been creating the most engaging and inspiring content on all aspects of a healthy lifestyle --in food, fitness, relationships, adventure, recreation and other areas,” said Rodale president Scott Schulman. “Teaming up with UTA is a natural next step as we extend our great brands and stories into television programming that entertains, motivates and improves the lives of audiences.”
TIME Keeps Ticking: Norm Pearlstine Responds
Time Inc.'s Chief Content Officer: "At a time when every print publication must become multi-platform, it is unfortunate that a column about TIME ignored’s extraordinary growth in digital and video. To cite a few statistics, had a record 28.2 million visitors (comScore) in May, a 38-percent increase over the prior year; its social media presence—8 million on Facebook, 7.5 million each on Twitter and Google+—makes it an industry leader; TIME’s daily brief has more than 600,000 subscribers, and video is likely to hit 16 million streams this month. As a result, TIME’s print and non-print revenues and income are up for the first half the year, reversing a decade of decline."
Q&A: IBT Media's Johnathan Davis on "The Power of the Newsweek Brand"
IBT Media acquired the Newsweek brand a little over a year ago. Since then, the digital-only news company has focused on everything from acquisitions, international language expansion and beefing up internal staff to "take it to a new level." Here, co-founder and chief content officer of IBT Media, Johnathan Davis, talks about what they've learned and what's on the horizon.
Bloomberg Media Becomes Leader in Global Business Video: Reports Record Month of Unique Viewers in May
Bloomberg Media has some extra celebrating to do this July 4th weekend: The company currently commands a business video audience of 17 million viewers that generates 120 million streams. In addition, the company is also enjoying audience growth for two of its biggest websites.
How Quartz and BBC Are Reaching Global Audiences
In the relatively short time since it launched, US-based Quartz has managed to pass five million monthly readers on its website and expanded to include an Indian and African edition.
SELF’s Inaugural Up & Out Studios Works Up a Sweat in Tribeca
This past Saturday and Sunday, SELF turned multiple floors of the light-flooded, pristine digs into a boutique fitness junkie’s dream setup: A slew of classes from popular studios, plus all the requisite protein bars and thirst quenchers (like Lumi’s beet concoction) to power through the classes.
A Q&A with The New Single Copy's John Harrington: How the Industry Can Fix a Broken Newsstand Supply Chain
Harrington sent out the final issue of The New Single Copy this week after a 19-year run, though he’ll continue to write about the business on his website. Harrington gives his perspective on where the newsstand is right now and what can be done to fix the supply chain behind it.
Magazine Media 360° Audience Mix for May 2015
Magazine media audiences were up 7.7% for the month of May 2015 versus the previous May, according to the latest Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report released by MPA—The Association of Magazine Media. Go beyond the audience mix data to see all participating titles across Print+Digital Editions; Web (Desktop/Laptop); Mobile Web; Video in the Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report.
National Enquirer Had the Affleck-Garner Scoop First
New York's Vulture Rolls Out "Stoner Week"
Bloomberg Pursuits Names Publisher
Nike Co-Founder Phil Knight to Step Down As Chairman
Arianna Huffington’s Improbable, Insatiable Content Machine
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Is Mobile a Chimera for Publishers?
Wolff: How Television Won the Internet
Confessions of Agency Execs Frustrated by their Clients
Apple Loses Legal Appeal, E-book Decision Is Affirmed
Thoughtless Publishers Drive Away Readers
Has the Promise of Programmatic Already Been Fulfilled?
The Natives Respond to Native: What Consumers Expect from In-Feed Ads
Apparel Retailers and E-Commerce: Direct Marketers Dominate
Copyranter: How to Advertise to Millennials
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In Bloomberg Businessweek: Online now and on newsstands Friday July 3rd —Felix Gillette and Lucas Shaw look into the demise of  Viacom, which has seen ratings decline by double digits at its most popular cable networks this season. Is it due to under-reported audience numbers, bad shows, or its missing chairman?