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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Magazine Media 360° May 2015 Data Available!
Magazine media audiences were up 7.7% for the month of May 2015 versus the previous May, according to the latest Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report released by MPA—The Association of Magazine Media. Go beyond the audience mix data to see all participating titles across Print+Digital Editions; Web (Desktop/Laptop); Mobile Web; Video in the Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report.
Sports Illustrated and WebMD Team Up for Editorial Series on Sports Injuries
Sports-loving hypochondriacs, this media partnership is for you: Sports Illustrated and WebMD -- the place you invariably land when you Google health symptoms -- are teaming up on an editorial series called "The Comeback," which packages a story on an athlete's return from injury with service-y information about the ailment.
Fortune Magazine Delves into the Sony Hack
Part one is sub-titled: “Who Was Manning the Ramparts at Sony Pictures?” Parts 2 and 3 of the 12,000-word July issue cover story will follow online, respectively, Friday and Saturday.
What It Took to Sign on the First Lady As More Guest Editor
The thinking and work that led to Michelle Obama taking on the role of guest editor at More magazine spanned years, hinging on a genuine sense of goodwill between the magazine and the first lady that started before it was certain that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue would become her home.
Esquire's Mark Warren Holds Master Class Q&A with Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart discussed his life and career with Esquire's Mark Warren during a June 22 Q&A in New York City.
These Luxury Hotel Print Ads Use Instagram Shots Instead of Professional Photos
The work is breaking now in magazines like Bon Appétit, Condé Nast Traveler and Wired, as well as in airport displays and as online banners.
Martha Stewart Deal in Flux After Sequential CEO’s Blunder
Covert: "A deal to sell Martha Stewart’s company went public before it was fully baked — and the exec blamed for the leak is getting his eyebrows singed."
How National Geographic Leverages Social Media to Drive Sales, Membership Growth
The cover quiz is one example of how the National Geographic Society uses content teasers, as well as live Q&A events with explorers and photographers and other social media tactics, to engage consumers and drive single-copy sales, traditional memberships with magazine subscriptions, and online community memberships. SVP of consumer and member marketing Liz Safford, senior social media manager Kate Coughlin and social media producer Jessie Mesirov shared examples and results of their initiatives.
More on The Six Rules of Attraction for Magazine Media Growth
San Jose Native Who Founded Lowrider Magazine Has Died at 70
Newsweek for iPad Replaced by Newsweek Magazine As iPhone Support in Update
Time’s U.K. Unit Jumps Into Commerce
More on IBM & Bon Appétit's Artificial Intelligence Cooking App
AwesomenessTV Names Matt Kaplan President of Film Division
Sasha Belenky Rejoins The New Republic As Features Director
Foreign Policy Adds Pair of Journalists
Adland Vet Mitchell Caplan Joins IBT Media As First CMO
How Adobe Keeps Key Employees from Quitting
Q&A with Dusan Lukic, Editor-in-Chief Plugin Magazine
Media Startup "Circa News" Shutters
Kim Kardashian's Instagram Is Off Limits to Brands
Bulgari Throws an Uptown Blowout for Out of Order Magazine
YP Makes Historic Move to Separate Digital from Print
Growth Hacking: Tactics for Supercharging Audience Development
AG Rosenblum Runs Nationwide Magazine Subscription Scam Out of Business: Settles Lawsuit for $3 Million
Twitter: Maybe TV Advertising Doesn’t Work
Big Data Management Requires a Big Makeover
Mobile Moves to Digital Ad Domination
Unilever's Weed: Size Doesn't Matter, Scaling Trust and Transformation Does
Nielsen Rolls Out Analytics, ROI Packages for Mid-Markets
Pub Expert, Integral’s inventory and forecasting analysis for publishers, evaluates quality down to the individual ad unit, and includes key elements such as viewability, fraudulent traffic, and brand safety. With a strong base in advertiser campaigns, In
Pub Expert, Integral’s inventory and forecasting analysis for publishers, evaluates quality down to the individual ad unit, and includes key elements such as viewability, fraudulent traffic, and brand safety. With a strong base in advertiser campaigns, Integral provides a single source of reporting that unifies both sides of a campaign, eliminating discrepancies resulting from multiple data sets.
SocialFlow has been selected as a partner in Pinterest’s new Marketing Developer Partners program. SocialFlow is extending its market leading optimization technology and advertising solutions through Pinterest’s APIs, enabling publishers and marketers to reach and engage with the highly active Pinterest community.
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The 2015 edition includes graphics with data from the recently launched Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report, as well as figures and trends from third-party sources demonstrating the growth, vibrancy and appeal of print and digital editions, magazine brand apps, and social media.
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