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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

May 2015 Magazine Media 360° Data Is Here!
Where Did Your Brand Rank Across Platforms? Click on the image to access Top Ten lists rankings for Print+Digital Editions; Web (Desktop/Laptop); Mobile Web; Video.
Magazine Media 360° Audience Mix for May 2015
Magazine media audiences were up 7.7% for the month of May 2015 versus the previous May, according to the latest Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report released by MPA—The Association of Magazine Media. Go beyond the audience mix data to see all participating titles across Print+Digital Editions; Web (Desktop/Laptop); Mobile Web; Video in the Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report.
Bon Appetit, IBM Unveil Chef Watson
There are a lot of cooking apps out there, but how many of them are powered by an all-knowing supercomputer? —That’s the selling point for Bon Appetit’s new collaboration with IBM, called “Chef Watson,” which the partners describe as a “cognitive computing app” that helps aspiring epicures to expand their creativity in the kitchen.
Q&A with Hearst's Michael Clinton
It’s the Age of Disruption, and that’s a good thing, says Hearst President Michael Clinton: "Our mantra is "Unbound," which is our innovation platform for both print and digital. We like to say that we are a publisher with a digital business and that we are a digital company that also publishes magazines. We are on every platform."
Good Housekeeping Institute Gives a Tour of Its Test Labs
The Keeper of the 106-Year-Old Seal Has State-of-the Art Facilities: Located in New York’s Hearst Tower, it comprises six labs focused on health, beauty and environmental sciences; textiles, paper and plastic; nutrition; kitchen appliances and technology; home appliances and cleaning; and consumer electronics and engineering. On any given day, thousands of products are evaluated for editors of the magazine and its website, and for the seal.
Q&A with Scott Dadich, Editor in Chief of WIRED
Since assuming the top seat at WIRED in late 2012, Scott Dadich has already led a full-scale digital redesign, orchestrated a monumental cover story of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and recently completed a floor-to-ceiling renovation of the company's SF headquarters. WIRED's man at the helm gives us a tour of the new headquarters, and shares his personal approach to form versus function.
Where Brides Magazine Stands on Marriage Equality
As the world awaits the U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage, which could give couples the right to wed in all 50 states, Brides magazine has produced a video that makes clear where the publication stands on the issue...
Time Inc. CEO to Allow Dogs in Brooklyn Offices
Time Inc. CEO Joe Ripp plans to ship 300+ jobs to Brooklyn before year’s end and in the process become the first major media company to welcome employees’ dogs into the work area.
Finding Opportunities in Retail's Transformation
RetailNet Group (RNG) VP Tim O’Connor summarized the macro-economic, societal, technology and industry dynamics that are transforming retail, and offered ideas as to how the magazine category can find opportunities amid retailers’ shifting strategies and formats.
How Magazines Understand and Engage Consumers to Turn Them Into Buyers
When it comes to turning consumers into buyers of single copies and other magazine brand offerings, consistently addressing known hot buttons in new and compelling ways is the name of the game, said Patty Bontekoe, deputy editor for Bauer’s First for Women, and Dan Fuchs, publisher and chief revenue officer for HGTV Magazine, owned by Hearst Magazines and Scripps.
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Google Launches News Lab to Help Journalists, Boost Its own Publishing Cred
Inside Diversified’s Latest Focus Group Initiative: An Evolution of an Audience Survey
The Internet of Things: Tracking the "Cross-Everywhere" Consumer
Nielsen Debuts Eye Tracking Tool for Package Tests
SocialFlow has been selected as a partner in Pinterest’s new Marketing Developer Partners program. SocialFlow is extending its market leading optimization technology and advertising solutions through Pinterest’s APIs, enabling publishers and marketers to reach and engage with the highly active Pinterest community.
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The 2015 edition includes graphics with data from the recently launched Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report, as well as figures and trends from third-party sources demonstrating the growth, vibrancy and appeal of print and digital editions, magazine brand apps, and social media.
In The Harvard Business Review: "It's been 21 years since the first banner ad appeared on the web. It ran on a site called, the original website of Wired Magazine, and it asked, "Have you ever clicked your mouse right HERE?" An arrow pointed to an ominous-sounding prediction, which was spelled out in all caps, and read: "YOU WILL." It was part of a campaign that aimed to visualize the digital future brought to you by AT&T..."