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Monday, June 22, 2015

Q&A with Keith Kawasaki on the Longevity of Print
In a world where digital dominates, Keith Kawasaki, VP of client services at iostudio, which publishes the Army National Guard’s flagship magazine GX® The Guard Experience, remains a champion of print. He describes it as a magnetic experience, something that will bring people together in a meaningful way.
Condé Nast Video Launches Vogue Channel with Minions Film
The Minions — and their influence on fashion — are the surprising stars of the first short film produced by Condé Nast Video’s dedicated video division. The film, which will premiere Monday on, was directed by Danny Sangra and is presented by Vogue International editor Suzy Menkes.
The New Yorker Responds to the Charleston Massacre with "Nine"
Indelible covers are a rich part of The New Yorker's 90-year history, and Barry Blitt's Nine on the June 29 issue is the latest chapter.
Why TIME Magazine Created a Site for Its Interactive Stories
News sites’ most popular digital offerings have been interactive games and quizzes, making them irresistible go-to formats for traffic-hungry publishers. Time is hoping to exploit the formats’ popularity further by launching a standalone site today, Time Labs, for its interactive stories. Time brought on Chris Wilson in 2013 to lead its interactive data team, and the stories his team has produced have been’s most popular for three years running. In 2013, for example, 5.6 million people read America’s Mood Map: An Interactive Guide to the United States of Attitude.
Time Inc. Ad Campaigns Kick Off Online and Coastal Living Signs Nine Sponsors for Showhouses
The campign theme is ‘Open the Experience’ and will run in print, digital and outdoor locations, with the outdoor ads appearing in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.
Summer Magazines for the Extreme
Surfing, Surfer, TransWorld Skateboarding, and Motocross Action are among the magazine reviewed this eek.
Women Are Grossly Underrepresented in Journalism: More on the Startup Mag That Wants to Change All That
Martha Stewart in Good Spirits Before News of Empire Sale
Arianna Huffington Renews Contract to Stay On after Verizon Deal
The New Yorker Hangs with a Mega-Landlord
Vanessa Grigoriadis Joins New York Times Magazine
Q&A with Edith Wagner, Founder, Publisher, Reunions Magazine
The Week Promotes Several Staffers
The Death of the Agency of Record Is Near
Infographic: Which Wearable Tech Device Will Win?
Madison Avenue Forecasters Reduce 2015 Outlook: Digital, Mobile Continue to Gain Share
Programmatic TV: Groping for Translatable Measurements
Opinion: Five Ways to Measure Your Content Marketing
How to Market Across Multiple Devices
SocialFlow has been selected as a partner in Pinterest’s new Marketing Developer Partners program. SocialFlow is extending its market leading optimization technology and advertising solutions through Pinterest’s APIs, enabling publishers and marketers to reach and engage with the highly active Pinterest community.
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In WIRED: Twitter isn't about a 140-character limit. It’s not about a timeline. It’s not about your joke going viral, or getting Justin Bieber to follow you by any means necessary. It’s about a single question, the one you see when you first load “What’s happening?”  -- Yet Twitter, as it has existed until now, has done a terrible job of both asking and answering that most central question. And so the company is, effectively, trying again.