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Monday, June 15, 2015

End of the Newsstand Means Many Publishers Will Be Without Logical Categories for Their Apps
The end of the Newsstand, presumably coming with the release of iOS 9, will mean that many digital newspapers and magazines will find themselves thrown into categories not necessarily suited for their digital publications.
Q&A with More's Lesley Jane Seymour
“This is what print can do. Print is so different. Print is something that lives on forever. It’s not a commercial; it’s not a webpage; it’s not a posting; it lives on and it’s a document. And I think that’s what’s so lovely about it.” More Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Lesley Jane Seymour
Bloomberg Businessweek Devotes Double Issue to Computer Coding
Magazine aims to ‘demystify’ software by explaining languages such as Java, C++ and Python in an accessible way.
The Time Inc. Guide to Keeping Millennial Employees Engaged
Media companies love to talk about how they’re reaching advertisers’ favorite age group. Time Inc., for example, launched two sites this year for millennials: Mimi, a socially oriented site that aggregates its beauty coverage, and The Snug, a DIY site that aggregates home content.
Is Huffington Post Worth $1 Billion?
While the site is an operation of undeniable scale, it hasn’t produced an operating profit.
Kroll: Rolling Stone’s Problems Are Also Journalism’s Problems
John Kroll writes: "We fire plagiarists on the spot and shove photographers out the door for Photoshopping. But sloppy reporting and editing? So far, at least, no one at the magazine is out of a job. What does that tell us about our priorities?"
Global Ad Spending Will Be Up an Average 4.2% Next Year
Schonfeld: Automotive, Food and Wireless will be top spenders, -The top category next year will be the automotive industry, which will spend over $44.0 billion in advertising, up 2.8% over this year's estimated spending, the report found. Top brands including Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Volkswagen will spend more than $2 billion each on advertising in 2016.
RIP: "Catalyst-in-Chief" Frank Zachary
Instead of a Father’s Day Tie, Get Your Dad One of These Magazines
Rolling Stone Wants the Whole World to Think, and Dress, Just Like Steve Jobs "Question everything," Says New Ad
Did Apple Just Kill Local News?
Real Simple Makes Changes
Ahead of August Relaunch, T Magazine Staffs Up
People on the Move in Magazine Media
Meet Ad Age's 2015 Cannes Cover Contest Winners
BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti and Ben Smith: How They Turned a "Great Cat Site" into a Powerful Publisher
Vice Media Takes to the Skies with JetBlue Partnership
Why Apple May Be a Less Scary Publishing Partner Than Facebook
Let’s Panic Might Be the Most Unconventional Fashion Magazine Ever
Moroccan Magazine Pulled over Front Page Treatment of Gays
ANA Study Likely to Dive Into Programmatic Practices
AOL's Miller: In Defense of the Banner Ad
New York Times to Block Employees’ Desktop Access to Home Page Next Week...
When Will Mobile Marketers Move Beyond Basic Measurement?
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In National Geographic: Kazakhs and Uzbeks have been on different paths since 1987, when the Aral Sea split into northern and southern halves. The completion of Kazakhstan’s Kokaral Dam in 2005 worsened the divide, reviving the northern sea but cutting off the southern sea from the Syr Darya river. By 2014, irrigation and drought had caused the southern Aral’s eastern, shallower lobe to dry up entirely.