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Monday, June 8, 2015

USPS Can’t Keep Rate Increase Forever, Court Rules
“We are happy that the court rejected the Postal Service attempt to make a temporary surcharge last forever,” Stephen Kearney, executive director of the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers, said in a statement. “Maintaining the affordability of mail will help ensure that our nation’s postal system remains healthy for years to come. Stamps should be forever, but not surcharges.”
Q&A with Hearst's David Carey
“First and foremost our print is a very good business all around the world. We have profits that we want to generate for our parent company and we’re good at publishing magazines. And so we believe in them; we have a portfolio of titles. In any given year we’ll have brands like Town & Country and Woman’s Day that are having terrific years and then sometimes you have others that have an off year.” David Carey, President, Hearst Magazines.
High Fashion Takes Over the Tonys Thanks to Anna Wintour
The carpet more resembled a Vogue affair than a Broadway opening, with Wintour’s trademark boxwood-hedge background behind a step-and-repeat.
Zoe Saldana Is InStyle’s July Cover Girl
InStyle’s July cover girl Zoe Saldana reflects on the effects of motherhood, her career, and the future.
OUT's Jerry Portwood in the New York Times: "I Saw a Turtle, My Father Saw Food"
Jerry Portwood is the executive editor of Out magazine and is writing a book about his adventures in Barcelona; read his piece in the opinion section of the New York Times.
At the Newsstand: Stay Ahead with These Business Magazines
Success, Inc., Fortune, Forbes, New York, and TIME are among the titles reviewed.
How Sweet and Savory It Is! Saveur Magazine Fetes Food Bloggers
Kim Kardashian's Paper Magazine Photo Spoofed by Ted the Teddy Bear for Entertainment Weekly
One Year in, Slate Draws 9,000 Paying Subscribers
Town & Country Adds Associate Publisher
TNR Publisher to Host Hillary Clinton Fundraiser
Amazon Stops Sale of Isis Propaganda Magazine
Facebook's Experiment to Publish News Articles Has Gotten "Awfully Quiet"
The Online Shoppers' Device of Choice?
IAB Questions Regulators About Plans for Broadband Privacy Rules
Friedman: Marketers Must Be Aggressive in Pushing for Quality Data
Truly Engaged Viewers Wouldn't Use Ad Blockers
U.S. Ad Market Forecast to Grow 2%-3%
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