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Friday, June 5, 2015

Miss Piggy Wrote a Piece for TIME Magazine on Feminism
TIME Magazine often invites lots of people to write opinion pieces for them. Well, today we can add a Muppet to the list, because none other than Miss Piggy herself has a piece in TIME magazine.
Festival People en Español Heads to New York City in October
Slated for October 17 and 18 at the Jacob Javits Center, the free two-day event is a celebration of Hispanic culture that features celebrities, opinion-makers, and leaders, and mixes panels and performances with family activities.
Q&A with Garden & Gun's Rebecca Wesson Darwin
Rebecca Wesson Darwin went back home to the South to launch Garden & Gun after a successful career in publishing in New York, but things didn’t go quite as planned at the start. However, she led the young title through the recession without compromising quality and the brand came out a stronger for it.
Q&A with Forbes's Mark Howard: Forbes and the BrandVoice Match-Making
“The types of content pieces that are created in the magazine, the opportunities that it affords us from an editorial perspective to continue to celebrate the entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial capitalism around the world that the world is increasingly moving to a place where those are the types of people that do tell the stories of business; it gives us access in a way that we would not have with just digital.” Says Chief Revenue Officer Mark Howard.
Fortune Unveils Annual Fortune 500 List
Fortune’s annual Fortune 500 list noted that companies who made the cut earned a combined total revenue of $12.5 trillion, up almost three percent from last year, and an an all-time high.
3 Things You Need To Know About PwC’s Magazine Media Outlook
Overall, the industry is rebounding from several years of declines, and is expected to increase total global revenue in each of the next five years, topping out at $97.42 billion in 2019, up from $95.33 billion last year. Now in its 16th year, the report provides a five-year forecast based on advertiser and consumer spending data and commentary.
Next Issue Media Adds Automatic Download Option to iPad App; Periscope Adds Broadcast Map
Option to allow automatic digital magaizne issue downloads found under the app’s settings, with option not currently available on the iPhone version.
Hailey Clauson and Harper’s Bazaar
In InStyle, Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak’s "Weird as Hell" Relationship: A Glossary
Vogue Italia Dedicates Issue to China
People Moves in Magazine Media
T Magazine Hires Deputy Editor
From the PPA Festival: The End of the Magazine Business As We Know It
MagFinder: A Newsstand App for Print Publications
The Print Catalog Heard 'Round the (Social Media) World
Ex-Vice Employees Launch "Digital Public Access" Site
Why Ad Blockers Have Mobile in Their Sights
Report: Here's Why Mobile Video Is Confusing and Scares Advertisers
Does Programmatic Work for Branding?
Study: Consumers Don't Want to "Pay" with Data
Barriers to Cross-Channel Marketing Success [Infographic]
U.S. Economy Added 280,000 Jobs in May; Unemployment Rate at 5.5%
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Miss Piggy is an international celebrity, best-selling author, and fashion icon. The Muppet is joining Sandra Day O'Connor, Toni Morrison and others in receiving a major award honoring women. In her own words, she explains why "moi" deserves the prize in TIME magazine.