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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Five Best-Selling Vanity Fair Covers of All Time: Will Caitlyn Jenner Top Them?
Vanity Fair set the internet ablaze on Monday, when it released its July cover featuring Bruce Jenner in his new identity as Caitlyn. The magazine isn't due on newsstands until June 9.
Forget Kim Kardashian: Vanity Fair's Caitlyn Jenner Cover Is Breaking the Internet
Conde Nast's Vanity Fair has released the cover of its July issue, featuring Bruce Jenner in his new identity as Caitlyn, via social media more than a week before print copies go on sale June 9.
Details Debuts E-Commerce
Details is making a bid for e-commerce through a yearlong partnership with MasterCard. The Condé Nast-owned men’s magazine will debut its virtual store Tuesday, which is timed to the release of its July grooming-centric issue.
Q&A with Dawn Sheggeby, Executive Director of Group strategy and Development, Hearst Men's Group
A big part of working in a successful media business is knowing your audience—for Dawn Sheggeby, executive director of group strategy and development for Hearst Men’s Group and a Folio: Top Women in Media honoree, it’s not about intuition though, it’s about what you can prove.
Q&A John Temple, President & CEO, Guideposts
“The industry has gone through some peaks and valleys. I can remember when some of the people, where I serve on the board; some of the people there would say well, print is dead. We have to shift to digital; we have to get out because of postage and paper and all of these kinds of things. We don’t have to do that anymore. People understand that there is a very valuable role for print. And people like the tactile feel. In my view, print is never going to go away. It’s never going to go away.” Says Mr. Temple.
InStyle’s Kahlana Barfield’s Engagement
InStyle’s Fashion and Beauty Editor-at-Large Kahlana Barfield’s engagement is among the fashion notables' stories recounted here.
What Were Vanity Fair's Most Recent Magazine Media 360° Numbers?
The new Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report is available—with a twist! This time around, we’re releasing the rankings of all of the brands included in the report, both by total audience and by percent growth versus same period last year.
Vanity Fair Staffers Told: "Think Like a Startup"
What The Newsstand Numbers Are Saying: Publishers Should Reassess Distribution and Pricing Strategies
Kim Kardashian West Covers Glamour
Krugman Battles the Austerians in Bloomberg Markets "Rivalry Issue"
Cxense to Acquire Ad Optimization Firm Maxifier
Why Quartz Is Taking Its Time Figuring out Video
Jenny Anderson Departs New York Times for Quartz
Newsweek Europe Adds iPhone Digital Edition to Newsstand App's Latest Editorial Experiment: Making Its Content Embeddable
Isabel Wilkinson Joins T Magazine
Hepworth: It’s Not Creativity the Publishing Business Needs - It’s Ingenuity
QR Code Scans: Apple Devices 54%, Android 43%
Worldwide Newspaper Circulation Revenues Pass Advertising for the First Time
Place Your Bets: Programmatic Tech Is Leading to a Market in Media Futures
Thrive in the Programmatic Marketplace: Focus on Buyers' Best Interests
Big Shifts in Media Spending?
Unprecedented Wave of Media Reviews Is Partly Driven by Rebate Debate
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Sometimes, that which stirs our greatest fears becomes the source of our most profound joy: Part 2 of 4 of Joshua Ferris' "Learning to Fly" series in Popular Mechanics.