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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Publishers are Treating Email Newsletters as a Platform of its Own
“Publishers are…treating email newsletters, often used a way to lure people back to publishing sites, as platform-like publications themselves, designed to be read entirely in email without readers having to click through to the host’s site.”
Here's Why Media Companies Should Pay Attention to Snapchat
"Snapchat may still be seen by some media companies as a toy for twenty-somethings, but it is rethinking how news content works better than many existing players."
The 100 Most Influential Leaders in Marketing, Media and Tech
Adweek's inaugural Power List, ranking of the 100 most influential, innovative and effective leaders controlling media, marketing and technology.
2015 Magazine Media Factbook and the 22 “Tweetable Truths”
The Association of Magazine Media announced today the release of its 2015 Magazine Media Factbook, the industry’s definitive compilation of magazine media research and statistics. The 2015 edition includes graphics with data from the recently launched Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report, as well as figures and trends from third-party sources demonstrating the growth, vibrancy and appeal of print and digital editions, magazine brand apps, and social media. In addition to the Factbook, today’s release includes 22 “Tweetable Truths” about the industry - fast facts formatted for social media sharing, including positive – and perhaps counterintuitive – figures about the state of print media.
Be Magazine and Magazine Media Bolder: A Love Letter from the 2015 MPA IMAG Conference
Professor Husni reports: "Be Bolder in Boulder was the theme of the conference that was organized under the watchful eye of Mary G. Berner, President and CEO of the MPA: The Association of Magazine Media, and the masterful execution of Beth Tighe, VP of Marketing and her team at the MPA. Ms. Berner and Ms. Tighe wrote in the introduction to the program booklet, “Some of the most innovative work in our industry today is coming from the group gathered here this week. We celebrate your boldness, we celebrate your innovation and we celebrate your success.”"
Changes at Field & Stream
Print Magazines to make you a grill master
GQ cover makes Cuba look sexy
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Fast facts formatted for social media sharing, including positive – and perhaps counterintuitive – figures about the state of print media.