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Friday, May 15, 2015

The New Yorker's "Broken Arch" Is ASME's Cover of the Year
On Wednesday, The New Yorker’s “Broken Arch,” published on December 8, 2014, was named ASME’s Cover of the Year. The illustration was developed by Bob Staake, and is a topical nod to the events that occurred in Ferguson last year.
Creating Big Cover Concepts That Drive Big Sales: The Atlantic Is Bucking Newsstand Trends
Bill Mickey writes: "Even with the newsstand's ongoing sales challenges, magazine publishers are still making the effort to produce compelling covers—just take a look at ASME's cover design winners... There are still titles that perform well at retail and The Atlantic is one of them. The magazine increased single copy sales 19 percent in 2014."
Q&A with Bicycling's Bill Strickland
Editor in Chief, Bill Strickland says of his magazine media brand "For people who love riding bicycles, it’s not an activity but an identity: You have the bike, and the clothes, and the accessories, and the events, and to go along with that you want the media and the social connection, too. So we’re part of the way you fulfill and feed one of the great passions of your life. And, particularly with Bicycling, when you read us or watch us, or talk with us on Periscope or Facebook, you realize we’re one of you."
The Editors of Bonnier's Destination Weddings & Honeymoons' Responsive Website
"The new design is touted in a groundbreaking tone with lines like "Site is more responsive, interactive, and caters to individual electronic devices being used", otherwise known as "Responsive Design". Anyway, all parties involved are truly excited about the new site, which they should be,because it looks really nice."
min's Web & Digital Awards Winners
Perhaps the most-coveted award, Digital Team of the Year, went to Condé Nast Media Group – The Studio at Condé Nast, for their 15 years of digital prowess. AARP took home a pair of awards, in the Editorial Excellence: Special Section and Marketing Campaign categories.
Reddit Wants to Exile Trolls
For a decade, the site has been known for its anonymous user-driven community, volunteer-moderated forums, and its rigid defense of the most notoriously offensive subreddits and trolls on free speech grounds. But that hands-off attitude is slowly changing.
Magazine Designed to Be Read with Your Feet
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New York Times Ramps Up Search for David Carr’s Replacement
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New Strategies for Content Monetization
BBB Privacy Unit Faults Etsy, Three Other Online Publishers
Omnicom's PHD Wins $600 Million SC Johnson Buying Assignment
Videology Sees Programmatic Mobile Video Campaigns Jump 81% in Q1
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The Fall: By 2012 Ross Ulbricht's online drug bazaar had grown into a worldwide empire. In the conclusion of WIRED's exclusive account, the Feds are closing in.