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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

ASME Announces the Cover of the Year
The announcement was made by Sid Holt, chief executive of ASME. More than 100 print magazines submitted 270 covers to compete in 10 categories. A Best Cover Award and Readers’ Choice Award was chosen in each category.
National Geographic, The New York Times, and BuzzFeed Are Among the First to Test "Instant Articles"
End of the Click-through? A new Facebook tool lets publishers post stories directly to the news feed. New York Magazine broke the news Monday, but details of the project have largely been kept under wraps until Facebook's official post outlined the features and participants.
Forbes: "The Industry Is Moving to an In-View Ad Model"
FIPP Q&A with Charles Yardley, Managing Director International, Forbes Media. "Viewability doesn’t just remain a serious issue for online media owners – it’s growing," writes Jamie Gavin.
A Former Staffer’s "Glamour" Side
Giovanna Gray Lockhart already knows what it means to hit the ground running with style. In only her second week back from maternity leave — daughter Beatrice was born in January — and in her new gig as Glamour’s Washington editor, she hosted more than 100 people at her house in Kalorama and participated in Glamour’s cover story about Michelle Obama with Sarah Jessica Parker and Kerry Washington (aka Carrie Bradshaw and Olivia Pope.)
Better Homes and Gardens' Amy Brightfield
On "Wake Up with Al," Health & Features Director Amy Brightfield suggests a battery of products and natural solutions for allergy sufferers just in time for the high pollen season's start.
University of Virginia Associate Dean Files Suit Against Rolling Stone
Per Richmond Times-Dispatch City Hall reporter Graham Moomaw, University of Virginia associate dean of students Nicole Eramo has filed a defamation lawsuit and is seeking $7.85 million in damages from Rolling Stone magazine and “A Rape on Campus” article author Sabrina Rubin Erdely.
Yoga Magazine Slammed for Telling Readers How to Vomit for a Flat Stomach – Read the Controversial Article
An international yoga magazine has come under fire for featuring instructions about how to throw up for a flatter stomach. Yoga Magazine published an item in its May 2015 issue in which the publication's editor and certified yoga instructor Yogi Dr. Malik provided step-by-step details on toning the abs through a process and pose called Vyaghrasana, also referred to as the Tiger, which involves heavily drinking water and purging several times.
More on InStyle’s June Cover Girl Mindy Kaling
Monocle Magazine Launches Travel Guide Series with New York and London Books
Industry Reacts to Verizon's $4.4 Billion AOL Purchase
Why Small Agencies Grapple with Programmatic
Drexler: Where Do We Go From Here?
2015 Digital Newfronts Signal Inflection Point for Content
The Mother of All Generations: 5 Things Brands Should Know about Millennial Moms
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"The Pearl River is full of trash, Volkswagen-sized catfish, and a heckuva lot of gators. Swimming in it? That was Pop's idea." Wrote Harrison Scott Key in Outside magazine.