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Monday, April 6, 2015

Rolling Stone's Investigation: “A Failure that Was Avoidable”
Rolling Stone magazine retracted its article about a brutal gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity after the release of a report on Sunday that concluded the widely discredited piece was the result of failures at every stage of the process.
Speed, Quantity and Multiplatform Distribution Are Driving's Crazy Traffic Growth says it's been experiencing record-breaking traffic growth, thanks to a strategy that emphasizes speed and quantity without sacrificing original, quality reporting.
Condé Nast Traveler Magazine Grows Voluptuous in Lean Times
Starting with its September issue, the luxury travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler will be bigger and heavier. The pages will be two inches bigger when the magazine is opened, with thicker pages and heavier covers.
Inside Condé Nast’s Video Deals
At Condé Nast, yesterday’s competitors are today’s collaborators. Condé is striking video-distribution deals with publishers such as BuzzFeed, Vox and ABC News, media companies it views as valuable partners in a video-consumption landscape dominated by YouTube.
Q&A with Meredith's Nancy Weber: Cracking the Code on Event Sponsorships
Traditional media properties are continuing the transformation into multi-platform businesses and events are playing a huge role in this shift. Recently, Meredith Corporation sponsored the CEW Insiders' Choice Beauty Awards and here, min chats with EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Nancy Weber, about the event and similar programs that are driving revenue and new partnership opportunities.
More Photos of Magazine Media Notables at SXSW
Marie Claire Editor in Chief Anne Fulenwider; Marie Claire VP, CRO Nancy Berger Cardone, Lucky Editor in Chief Eva Chen, and More Editor in Chief Lesley Jane Seymour were among the attendees at the iconic festival.
Q&A with Samir Husni: "News Doesn't Belong on Paper Anymore"
"News doesn’t belong on paper anymore," says Samir A. Husni, Professor and Hederman Lecturer, Magazine Innovation Center, The University of Mississippi, USA. "My daily newspaper must remain daily, but the content must become weekly on a daily basis. And that’s what we’re seeing with magazines; all the successful ones are becoming monthlies on a weekly basis."
More on 5 Attorneys General Take Aim at Subscription Scam
More on People StyleWatch and Revolve at this Year’s Coachella Festival
InStyle’s Ariel Foxman and Martha Stewart on the Power Suit
Magazines to Please Your Inner Car Enthusiast
Celebrating Print Creative: Michael Kors in InStyle’s April Issue
Empowered by PLUS Model Magazine
Amy Schumer Goes Nude for Entertainment Weekly
Hillary Clinton Covers New York
InStyle’s Fashion News Director, Eric Wilson, Shares His Thoughts on Kanye West’s Aspirations
InStyle’s Fashion and Beauty Editor-at-Large Kahlana Barfield on Spring Fashion Trends
Hal Rubenstein and Cynthia Frank Join Architectural Digest
S.V. Dáte Joins National Journal
Bloomberg Politics Adds Two
Businessweek "Jinxes" Chicago Cubs
Turkish Vogue Thrives As Country’s Fashion Evolves
Dean Baquet Recalls His Earliest Experiences with Sponsored Content
BlackBook Magazine Relaunches
New Wedding Magazine Celebrates Diversity
The Pseudonymous Crusade of a "Brilliantly Dismal Blog"
Digital Advertisers Focus on Holistic Customer Experience
BabyCenter Blues: A Massive Millennial Publisher with Growing Pains
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Playing ill or feigning madness has been a con for hundreds of years. But Daniel Mason, writing for Lapham's Quarterly asks: Can a fake sickness become a real sickness?