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Friday, March 6, 2015

Time Inc. Weeklies Show Overall Growth
Time Inc., which just last year was spun off by Time Warner, has a mix of weeklies and monthlies, as well as a substantial portfolio of titles in the U.K. Just this week the last of the big four weekly magazines saw their latest publisher’s statements released. Though the statements show mixed results, overall the numbers are good.
TrendingNY Takes to the Streets
Starting in April, 100,000 issues of TrendingNY, published by Hearst Magazines, will be passed out the first week of each month by teams at stations in neighborhoods like Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and the Lower East Side. A four-issue pilot version of the magazine was test-marketed last fall.
Seventeen and Harlequin Partner on Cobranded Books
Seventeen has always been a huge supporter of great fiction that speaks to our teenage readers," says editor-in-chief Michelle Tan, in a statement. "The magazine published early stories by incredible and wide-ranging authors like Sylvia Plath and Jennifer Weiner and has always celebrated books that resonate with each new generation of girls. We're excited to expand on this rich heritage by partnering with Harlequin TEEN, because they share our commitment to strong writing, showcasing complex and charismatic female characters, and exploring all aspects of what it means to be a teenager today. Our readers are going to love these books, relate to them and, hopefully, be inspired by them too."
Time Inc. UK Shakes Up Its Ad Operations
As a first step, it brought on on Krux as its data-management platform (DMP), to be a central repository for data Time Inc. UK scoops up from its sites, subscriber base, events and e-commerce transactions. Its DMP has been fully operational for the last three months. Now, it’s using that data capability with an existing product called Amplify, which it first launched with RadiumOne in 2013. This way, it’s able to segment users and retarget them on sites well beyond Time Inc. UK properties.
Vice Media Hires Tracie Egan Morrissey to Head Broadly
The editor, who started at Jezebel when it launched in 2007, was (smartly) paraphrasing chief executive Smith, who relayed his company’s credo in a 2013 New Yorker profile as laid out by Vice magazine cofounder Gavin McInnes. (“McInnes told me, ‘My big thing was I want you to do stupid in a smart way and smart in a stupid way,’” Smith said). For Broadly, that mantra will translate to originally reported stories on political issues that include abortion, rape on college campuses and in the military, reproductive policy and other women’s issues.
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BuzzFeed Freezes Community Brand Publisher Accounts
Instagram Rolls Out Carousel Ads
The Billion-Dollar Facebook Business That Never Happened
Psychology Today Bans "Conversion Therapy" Ads
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