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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

At the WHAT’S the NEXT View from the Top Panel, Industry Leaders Shared Many Perspectives
Steve Lacy, CEO of Meredith Corp. revealed that his company currently generates 30% of its revenue from digital products. Keith Kelly further reports: "Five major publishers said they were generally upbeat about how their industry was handling the jarring transition to digital media." The first of Condé Nast films announced production, among many other exciting news and views from magazine media executives like Joe Ripp, David Carey, Maria Rodale, and Robert A. Sauerberg Jr.
BoSacks Reports on AMMC & The National Magazine Awards
BoSacks writes: "Mary Berner gave a passionate opening speech about the magazine media industry, which she made very clear should no longer be thought of as just the magazine industry." and he also reports "... The conference focused on the topic of the Magazine Media Business was well attended."
At AMMC 2015 Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone: We’re in a Publishing "Renaissance"
Asked for his thoughts on magazine media, Stone emphasised the importance of the concept of “content” rather than “magazines” in the traditional sense. “I’ve said this for years. The most important thing is content…this is the kind of stuff that gets passed around on social media and keeps its heart beating. Without it, we really do not have anything to do.”
5 Things Learned about Magazines’ Digital Challenges at AMMC 2015
Robert Sauerberg, Maria Rodale, David Carey, Joe Ripp, Amy Astley, Ariel Foxman, Paul Fichtenbaum, and Stefano Tonchi among the magazine notables quoted at the WHAT’S the NEXT View from the Top Pane.
AMMC 2015
Our most ambitious conference yet. A deep dive into WHAT’S NEXT? in advertising, content, audience, leadership, and of course, technology. Save the date: FEBRUARY 2, 2015.
Magazine Media 360° Factbook
A new compilation of powerful infographics built from recent Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Reports is available.
National Geographic, People, ESPN, Among Top Publishers Using Snapchat
Snapchat’s Discover has been out in the wild for only a few days, but publishers have already gotten a glimpse at how it’s going to change their distribution strategies. The early verdict: The messaging service’s new media feature is going to be a big deal.
Q&A with Maria Rodale
Publishing Stalwart Maria Rodale on the State of Magazines: And her pick for the ultimate Men's Health cover.
Q&A with James Oseland, Editor in Chief of Organic Life
James Oseland, Editor in Chief of Organic Life and previous Piglet judge, on his picks for this year’s best cookbooks, his kind of healthful eating, and which far-flung cuisine we’ll be eating next.
Complimentary MIN Issue This Week for MPA Members
From the Pages of min: Steve Smith's Eye on Magazine Media 360º: "Mobile Drives Audience Growth Thanks to Content and Responsive Design," the minfographic, a look at Essence's forceful and precedent-setting "Black Lives Matter," and a special offer for members of MPA.
Bob Dylan Hands Exclusive to AARP the Magazine
Why Some Publishers Pass on Responsive Design
Quartz and Storytelling Lessons Beyond Editorial
Diane Harris Named Editor of Money Magazine
More on InStyle’s Ariel Foxman Appointment to Editorial Director
Condé Nast Relaunches Architectural Digest in Italy
Q&A with Jessanne Collins, Editor in Chief, Mental Floss
Kylie Jenner Is Almost Unrecognizable As a Blonde in Love Magazine Photo Shoot
Kim Kardashian Bares Her Butt Again in Leaked Love Magazine Photo
Axel Springer Invests in Business Insider
General Atlantic VP on New Media Investment: "It's Because the Business Models Are Working"
Andrew Sullivan Shuttering The Dish
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler: My Net Neutrality Is Strongest Ever Offered
The winners of the 2015 National Magazine Awards were announced at the annual awards dinner at the New York Marriott Marquis. Vogue was named Magazine of the Year. New York and The New Yorker both won three awards, followed by National Geographic and Nautilus with two each. Also honored was the TIME photojournalist James Nachtwey, who received the Creative Excellence Award for his career-long contributions to magazine media. The dinner was hosted by David Muir, anchor and managing editor of ABC News’ “World News Tonight.”
"From the dawn of history to dusk last night, fire is mankind’s oldest and most useful tool." Casey Lyons wrote the 2015 Ellie-award winning feature that taught readers " to harness its strength to cook, survive, and connect to a primal force as old and powerful as time itself."