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Monday, January 5, 2015

AMMC 2015
Our most ambitious conference yet. A deep dive into WHAT’S NEXT? in advertising, content, audience, leadership, and of course, technology. Save the date: FEBRUARY 2, 2015.
Predictions for 2015: Content Shakeout, More Tracking, Measurement Muddle
Mary Berner, president and CEO of the Magazine Publishers of America, said at the UBS conference that traditional metrics for measuring magazines didn’t do the publications justice.
David Carey Celebrates Hearst Magazines "Best Performance in the Industry" in 2014
The overall corporate growth led Carey to declare that the privately held Hearst Magazines "posted the best performance in the industry" in 2014. Highlights included: The launches of Dr Oz the Good Life and Trending NY in the U.S., Harper's Bazaar in Serbia and the Netherlands, and Town & Country in Great Britain; Editorial innovations led by Good Housekeeping's redesign engineered by one-year editor-in-chief Jane Francisco and "crossover content" between Food Network and HGTV. Both magazines are Hearst Magazines partnerships with Scripps Networks; The 147-year-old Harper's Bazaar and the 20-year-old Marie Claire "beat their own best [advertising] performances once again."; Digitally, monthly unique visitors to HM titles doubled in 2914 (excluding December) to 112 million and social media followers increased 90% to 63 million "as audiences engage with us on every platform imaginable." and more...
Hearst’s CEO Addresses Staffers
“Our major businesses, newspapers, magazines, broadcast television and business information all posted profit gains for calendar year 2014, and our cable networks were also up for their fiscal year, which ended September 30,” writes Steven Swartz.
Hearst Intends on Launching a New Magazine in 2016
Hearst Magazines has had success rolling out new print titles with launch partners, such as Food Network Magazine and HGTV Magazine, which are joint ventures with Scripps Networks Interactive. The company also released Dr. Oz THE GOOD LIFE , piloted TrendingNY, a free-to-the-reader fashion, beauty and pop-culture magazine for millennial women, and reintroduced Town & Country Travel.
People Magazine -Why Robots Can't Curate
Rosenbaum: "PEOPLE magazine is a wildly successful magazine that threaded the needle between celebrity and humanity... bringing a unique perspective that remained distinctive even as the world of celebrity media was increasingly competitive with Star magazine on the supermarket checkout lines, and TMZ filled TV with salacious paparazzi stalker video."
Forbes Announces Media "30 Under 30"
Among them, the editor of; the managing editor of; general manager, international, The Huffington Post; staff writers at Slate; the executive director, Feministing; and the cofounder of The Muse.
Forbes Produces Second Cover for AT&T
When ad executives list Web publishers that have smartly embraced sponsored content–or gone way overboard, depending on your point of view– is often mentioned in the same breath as BuzzFeed.
The Best Mags to Set You up for the Consumer Electronics Show
Wired, Mac|Life, MaximumPC, The New Yorker, and The Atlantic Monthly are mong the magazine titles reviewed this week by the New York Post staff.
2014: A Great Year for New Magazines
Mr. Magazine interviews... Mr. Magazine, and offers topline launch stats across several editorial categories for an impressive 2014.
InStyle’s Dana Avidan-Cohn on the Hottest Tech-Savvy Workout Wear
“The whole idea behind workout wear for 2015 is that it’s not just to make you look good at the gym but it can also enhance your workout,” said Dana Avidan-Cohn, senior marketing editor and digital correspondent for InStyle magazine.
More on Forbes 30 Under 30″ Summit: Will Stay in Philly
Jennifer Aniston Covers InStyle’s February Issue: Her Sixth
Benedict Cumberbatch & Keira Knightley Stun on the Cover of W Magazine
Fred Poust Joins Forbes
Leon Wieseltier Joins The Atlantic
Diane Newman Is Organic Life Associate Publisher
Kaley Cuoco Claims She Doesn’t Hate Feminism, Re: Redbook Article
Cara Delevingne Is Now a Magazine Editor for Love
Disgraced Rolling Stone’s Independent Review of UVA Rape Story Is Bad Omen
Kim Kardashian Nearly Unrecognizable on Love Magazine Cover
LDS Woman Creates Modest Fashion Magazine for Youths
The Apple Newsstand Grew About 30% in Size in 2014, (Though Reliably Tracking Sales Is Difficult)
U.S. Box Office 2014: Weakest Results Since 2011
Media Stocks Soared to Double-Digit Gains in 2014
13 Supposed Media and Advertising Trends in 2014 That Never Happened
Here are 9 Big Questions Hovering Over Media and Advertising in 2015
Phablets Performed Fabulously on Christmas
Forrester: Mobile Is the Anti-Channel
Are You Paying for Bots?
The Payments Tipping Point Will Be in 2015
The Digital Magazine Industry: 2014, the Year in Review
The ASME Best Cover Contest 2015 Call for Entries is now available for download. The Best Cover Contest honors magazines published between January 1, 2014, and December 31, 2014.
GQ’s Devin Friedman ventures to China to partake in a gaudy crash course offered to the Chinese in the centuries-old art of snobbery. The ‘SO! Dalian’ fair is a rare and valuable event because the hyper-rich of China are hardly ever in the same place at the same time.  These men are figures of intense fascination if you happen to sell yachts, or anything expensive, or want to fund a company, and the festival is set up to educate them about the hobbies, interests, and acquisitions of the world’s super-rich.