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Thursday, December 11, 2014

See Where Your Magazine Media Brand Grew Across Platforms! October 2014 Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Data Available - Along with First Ever Monthly Averages for the Quarter
Average monthly magazine media audiences grew 9.8% for the months of August, September and October 2014 versus the same months in 2013, according to the Magazine Media 360° Brand Audience Report, released today by MPA-The Association of Magazine Media. This new report, which uses data from leading third-party providers, reveals an average gross audience for magazine brands of 1.50 billion in August/September/October 2014 (1.53 billion including brands for which prior year data was incomplete), up 9.8% over the same months in 2013 (1.37 billion). The strong quarterly performance was powered by video and mobile web consumption, up 59.2% and 90.8%, respectively, over the same quarter in 2013. The complete report, which currently covers 151 magazine media brands from 34 companies, representing 95% of the reader universe, as well as October results, -can be found HERE. ( )
Where the Cool Kids Are Shopping These Days? -Jason Wagenheim Has More Surprising Answers
Jason Wagenheim discusses Teen Vogue’s research on how millennials will be shopping this holiday season and the surprising findings on attitudes and preferences on what they like to do while they shop, as well as which brands and categories can expect a lift over last year.
More on How People en Español Uses Online Video to Leverage Its Brand
People en Español recently launched "La Esquina," a new online video property with Spanish-language broadcast network MundoFox as a founding partner: An increasing number of traditional off-line properties are leveraging their brand names with online video efforts. This is also definitely the case for Magazine Media, including PEOPLE en Español's current effort.
Q&A with Forbes CEO Mike Perlis
"2014 will mark our best financial performance since 2007. At the center of our strategy and success is the unique technology that we've developed in-house that powers our media and branding initiatives. We will continue to leverage the power of the Forbes brand and grow the business with a more global scope," offers Mr. Perlis.
WSJ. Magazine Closes Out 2014 with Largest Holiday Issue to Date
“With 12 successful issues behind us, I’m thrilled to report that we’re closing the year up 13 percent, and that this Holiday issue is the largest in WSJ. magazine’s history,” said Anthony Cenname, publisher.
September 2014 Editions of Fashion, Beauty and Luxury-Centric Magazines at the Newsstand
Cosmopolitan's cover featuring Lucy Hale sold 698,500 single-copy issues, securing the no. 1 spot on the list. InStyle, which sold 503,400 copies of its Julia Roberts cover, came in second. And Vogue's triple-threat cover — featuring Smalls, Delevingne and Kloss — sold 359,703 copies for the third place spot.
Folio:'s Face Up Online - 2014's Best Cover Brand
Newman: "2014 was a continuation of one of what is certainly one of the golden eras of magazine cover design. You only need to spend a few minutes on some of the sites that highlight covers, such as Coverjunkie, NASCAPAS or magCulture, to see the endless array of memorable, imaginative, provocative, finely-tuned design and imagery being produced at every level of the magazine making world."
Time Inc. to Sell Sunset Magazine Campus
Source: Rolling Stone Deputy Editor Tendered Resignation; Wenner Declined
More Holes in Rolling Stone UVA Rape Story
Rolling Stone Libel Lawyer Leaves Wenner Media
Vanity Fair Cover Playfully Snookers Bill de Blasio
More on Elle's Virtual Reality Initiative
More on Wired Publisher Kim Kelleher's Recent Q&A
Moses: What We Learned about Publishing in 2014
It’s Hard out There for a Hipster Sex Mag
$14 Million for Classic Car Found Under a Pile of French Magazines?
Senate Approves Two New PRC Commissioners
Social Media Is Literally Addictive
Ex-P&G Brand Thrives and Expanding After Sale
The Axis of Marketing: Data + Content
2 Billion Consumers Worldwide to Get Smartphones by 2016
Programmatic Will Become More Transparent in 2015
People Are Even More Dependent on Phones
Marketing Trends to Watch in 2015
Find out how magazine media's top executives are preparing for What's Next at the 2015 American Magazine Media 360°Conference, our industry's most important meeting. February 2-3, 2015, NYC.
The ASME Best Cover Contest 2015 Call for Entries is now available for download. The Best Cover Contest honors magazines published between January 1, 2014, and December 31, 2014.
Attention holiday shoppers: if you need a little inspiration finding a great gift for that special person in your life, we have some help.