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Friday, September 26, 2014

TIME Is Expanding Its Circle of Publisher Friends is in the midst of a traffic explosion, with its multiplatform audience soaring 90 percent to 25 million monthly uniques in the past year, according comScore. One big contributor: a modified platform approach that has Time running articles from not just corporate siblings, like Sports Illustrated, Fortune and Health, but also publishers, like Rolling Stone, Quora, Refinery29, Inc., Patheos and the Aspen Institute.
Hearst Forms New Publishing Services Group
The group has formed a publishing service targeting medium to large-sized publishers with titles that have circulations between 300,000 and 1 million. The new group, called Hearst Magazines Publishing Services, will make use of its relationship with CDS Global, a publishing operations firm owned by Hearst, to print and digital services to clients.
Hearst Debuts Town & Country Travel Relaunch
Michael Clinton, chief revenue officer of Hearst, said the plan is to do two issues next year.
Impressive Harvard Business Review Statistics
From September 1-24, News Whip sliced, diced and analyzed the social media metrics of seven leading business news sites and HBR was one of the impressive winners.
Parade of Changes at Parade Magazine
Athlon CEO Chuck Allen announced two promotions, elevating Lisa Delaney to senior vice president editorial director for all the Athlon titles. She had been editorial director of Athlon’s Nashville-based Sunday insert magazines, American Profile and Spry Living.
President Obama’s Media Diet: Heavy on Print/Online News, Light on TV
"He reads a lot of sort of opinion writers online, including a lot of people he thinks are smart, including Vox's Ezra Klein, The Dish blogger Andrew Sullivan and New York's Jonathan Chait," said Dan Pfeiffer, assistant to the president.
The Economist's Obama Cover
Chris O'Shea writes, Judging by the latest Economist cover, its editors aren’t feeling especially optimistic about President Obama’s decision to launch air strikes in Syria.
4 Quick Twitter Tips from Time, CNN, Mashable and NPR
Callie Schweitzer, director of digital innovation at Time, asked attendees to guess which of two TIME cover tweets received the most retweets.
Filipovic: This Feminist Food Magazine Will Change the Way You Eat
Kirsten Dunst Is a Selfie Waiting to Happen in Short Film for Vs. Magazine
Louis Vuitton Launching Biannual Magazine
Q&A with the Theologian of Vapor: Patrick Butson, Founder and Publisher, Vapor Digest & Vapor Lives Magazines
David Carr, Jill Abramson Will Talk Media at BU
People Moves in Magazine Media
A Flipless Flipboard Finally Arrives on Windows Phones (As a Placeholder)
Android Users Drop Privacy Case Against Google
An Educated Sales Force Always Wins
How to Make Social Commerce More Appealing
Millennials' Impressions Come First from WOM
What Marketing Will Look Like in 2024 [Infographic]
Can Media Multitasking Alter Your Brain?
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October 23, 2014
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In Town & Country: "The modern tailgate was invented in the early 20th century at Yale, according to —well, a Yale professor.  Nevertheless, it's not hard to believe that the keen minds and lush emerald lawns of an Ivy League institution spawned this classic American ritual of consuming jaunty cocktails and finger foods alfresco before an athletic contest, even if the tradition has, of late, deteriorated in many settings (including the annual macrobrew mayhem of the Harvard-Yale game but excluding nearly all sporting events in which horses are the prime competitors). And though the ranks of those advocating the replacement of body paint and beat-up plastic coolers with cashmere and Asprey champagne buckets are few, we stand with them. Because he who knows the pleasure of sipping a properly made Old Fashioned amid turning leaves and a bugle's call to post knows the true beauty of autumn."