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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The 50 Most Influential LGBT People in Media
InStyle Editor Ariel Foxman, People & Entertainment Weekly Editorial Director Jess Cagle, New York's Editor in chief Adam Moss, Marie Claire's Janet Mock, GQ Editor in chief Jim Nelson, Chris Hughes of The New Republic, and Kate Fagan Writer at ESPN are among the top 50 "Most Influential LGBT People in Media."
Q&A with Paula Deen
Editor Cindy F. Crawford talked to Deen last week from her home in Savannah, Ga., about her new 24-7 digital Paula Deen Network that goes live online on Sept. 23 and about her previous life as a small business owner.
Q&A with InStyle’s Photo Director Lisa Martin
Lisa Martin started at InStyle in 1999 as a freelance photo editor. Fifteen years and several promotions later she is director of photography at the Time Inc. magazine-cum-media brand, which prides itself on “delivering the knowledge and confidence to make the everyday fabulous.
Q&A with Design Director Brian Anstey
Anstey says: "Initially, I was set on getting a job at a design firm to do posters and packaging, but when an opportunity came up to freelance at People Magazine I jumped into editorial, and never looked back."
More on’s #CosmoVotes Initiative, Reactions and Impressions
Cosmopolitan magazine declared that it would endorse candidates who “trust women to make their own reproductive choices” in the upcoming midterm elections. Other key litmus issues for Cosmo include gender pay equity, gun control and policy on sexual assault.
Deal for Forbes Finalized
CEO Mike Perlis, who is being retained, told staffers on Monday that he will hold a Town Hall meeting on Oct. 8 after flying to Hong Kong this week to meet the new owners, including Tak Cheung Yam, head of a diversified holding company, Integrated Asset Management, and Wayne Hsieh, co-founder of ASUSTek, a Singapore-based computer vendor.
Essence's First Street-Style Block Party
Essence, which celebrated the 20th year of the Essence Festival in July, may have begun a new tradition on with its "Street Style Block Party" on September 7. Venue was Brooklyn's DUMBO ("down under the Manhattan Bridge") neighborhood, which may not have the majesty of Festival host New Orleans, but it has gained a panache along with the rest of the New York City borough.
Study: Readers Remember More from Print Newspapers Than Online
If you were reading this story in print, you'd have a better chance of remembering it later, according to a study done at the University of Houston. Researchers there found that people who read a newspaper recalled more stories and details than those who read the same publication online.
Does the Apple Watch Have What Consumers Want?
iPhone 6 Breaks Apple Pre-Sale Record: 4 Million in 24 Hours
InStyle’s Dana Avidan-Cohn on Fall Trends
More on InStyle's October Cover Girl, Jennifer Garner
Suejin Yang Takes Charge of People, Entertainment Weekly Digital Entertainment
Modern Farmer Names Cara Parks Executive Editor
National Journal’s Marin Cogan Named Contributing Editor of New York Magazine
Martha Stewart Wants Gwyneth Paltrow to "Be Quiet"
Hey Isn’t That…Jake Tapper on
Politico Promotes Two Amid Expansion in Europe, U.S.
Bauer Media Looks to Get Its Digital Mojo
Roll Call Asks Readers to Choose Upcoming Coverage
BuzzFeed Founder Jonah Peretti: Mainstream Media Copying Our Format Are "Missing" the Point
Publishers Plead with Twitchy Social Visitors to Stay
iPhone and Tablet E-commerce Booming with an Email Push
USPS Commissions Brain Research on Direct Mail
FCC Flooded with Net-Neutrality Comments
Ad Spending Slows in Second Quarter, Ekes Out 0.7% Increase
Digital Ad Spend Will Surpass TV by 2017
Programmatic Now 60% Of Brand Video Spending, Study Finds
Native Ads Are Getting a Direct-Response Makeover
Many Mobile Users Favor TV on Second Screen
Extreme Reach Introduces a Dashboard for Cross-Platform Ad Campaigns
Packaged-Goods Marketers Wade Warily Into E-commerce
Native Commerce Done Right: People StyleWatch Draws Over 50,000 to Mobile Experience.
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September 23, 2014
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