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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Digital Schmigital, Gunn Finds Print Still Has Real Fire Power
At a time when Madison Avenue seems to think all-things-digital, advertising awards curator The Gunn Report has assembled a visually powerful reminder that print media is more than just dead trees. The aptly titled “The Power of Print” report organizes the best of the best from more than 15 years of breakthrough creative ideas that could only resonate in print media, including magazines, newspapers and out-of-home.
Interview With Bob Cohn, Co-President & Chief Operating Officer, The Atlantic
“I do think that someday print will not be around, but I’ll have to say that it’s much farther into the future than many of us were talking about four years ago. And I don’t see it coming in the near future at all. Print is stronger than ever.” Bob Cohn
Buzzfeed Brings In T.N.R.'s Noah Chestnut For Its New News App
Buzzfeed is hiring Noah Chestnut to lead product development on its new Buzzfeed News app, a spokeswoman for the company told Capital.
Traditional Publishers Do Just Fine With Millennials
While it turns out many of the self-proclaimed millennial publications do attract proportionally more young readers, several so-called legacy publcations aren’t that far behind in reaching younger readers, having high percentages of millennial readers.
Trevor Fellows of the Wall Street Journal Quoted On Who Owns The Rights To Branded Content
Publishers ranging from The Wall Street Journal to Huffington Post to Complex are all dealing with the legal murkiness around who owns the branded content that they create. The answer has some big implications for not only the publishers but their advertisers, which are often interested in taking their brand content and republishing it elsewhere (or, in some cases, deleting it).
Mobile Startup Boku Offers Magazine Subscriptions Via Text Message
Boku, a mobile payments company that works with Facebook and Sony, thinks text messaging can help magazine publishers boost their subscription revenue.
How Facebook Plays Content Gatekeeper
On Aug. 6, USA Today’s sports website For the Win had the exclusive on a rap video created by the NFL’s royal family of star quarterbacks: Archie, Eli and Peyton Manning. Naturally, the YouTube video was almost instantly turned into a post by every sports and pop culture publication on the Web. But when it became a trending topic on Facebook, For the Win’s story wasn’t included on the page.
5 Agencies Trying Their Hands At Magazine Publishing
Publishers are thinking like agencies. Brands are trying their hand at publishing. And increasingly agencies — many of which have taken to publishing their own in-house magazines and online content hubs — are dabbling in the written word too.
The Elusive Bicultural Latino Audience
InStyle’s Kahlana Barfield Talks Today’s Landscape of Trends, Social Media and Celebrities
Esquire Hosting Three-Day Event During NYFW
Time Launches ‘The Answers Issue’
Article on Lena Dunham’s Emmys Red Carpet Look Includes InStyle’s Take On Her Best-Dressed Status
Bigfish Publications Sees Big Wins with TruEdit
High Times Publisher Files Suit Against Ephrata Pot Shop
Al-Qaeda Magazine Continues to Make Headlines in Conservative Media
Why Mashable Centers Its Video Strategy On YouTube
Social Ads Continue to Efficiently Reach New Audiences
Don’t miss Mashable’s Mike Kriak, CFO/COO, as he outlines how technology can predict and track the viral cycle of content, keeping editors, readers and advertisers ahead of the competition. Complimentary for MPA/ASME members – save your seat, register today!
Come hear an international authority on psychological profiling, consumer analytics and talent management. Join Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, professor of business psychology, University College London, for a look at how big data and social media are impacting the magazine media workplace, as well as tactics for working with Gen Y and Millennials. Coming next Monday, September 8, NYC.
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Tech and Publishing: A Symbiotic Relationship for the Digital Age

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