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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fashion and Luxury Advertisers Boosted WSJ. Magazine’s Biggest Women’s Style Issue
Forty-six percent of the advertisers in The Wall Street Journal’s WSJ. magazine’s September issue were new to the publication, contributing to the imprint’s largest page count in its six year history. “We’ve had a very strong first half of the year, and we’re thrilled that we continued that upward momentum into the September Women’s Style issue, which is our largest issue ever in the magazine’s history,” said Anthony Cenname, publisher of WSJ. magazine, New York.
11 Top U.S. Magazines to Hawk NBC’s "Blacklist" on Fake Covers
Starting this week, magazines like Playboy and Wired will burnish back covers that appear to make Raymond “Red” Reddington, the anti-hero at the center of “The Blacklist,” the subject. In days to come, New York, GQ, People, The New Yorker, Time, Entertainment Weekly, Us Weekly, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone will all feature covers starring the character – all as part of an ad campaign from NBC to drum up attention for the show’s new season, which starts September 22.
The Best Covers …so Far
ESPN, The New Yorker, Food Network Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Essence, and MIT Technology Review are among the MPA members recognized for their bold and exciting cover designs so far in 2014.
What Is the Future for Lucky Magazine?
Q&A with Eva Chen on what won't change for readers and advertisers regarding Lucky's new relationship with BeachMint, and what the new eCommerce and shopping models will become under the Lucky brand.
Q&A with Maria Rodale
Maria Rodale, grand daughter of the man considered the founder of America’s organic movement, and herself a strong life-long supporter and dedicated advocate for the organic diet talks about her philosophy and outlook and her infuential blog Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen.
Q&A with William Michalopoulos, Senior Director Retail, Hearst Magazines
“I’m most concerned with the store level conditions in merchandising. That’s where the rubber meets the road in execution. We can come up with these great ideas, but if they’re not executed at the store level, it doesn’t really matter.” Will Michalopoulos.
InStyle’s Fall 2014 Issue of Your Look
Ryan Patterson writes about Fall’s most wanted trends as featured in InStyle’s Fall 2014 issue of Your Look.
More on People StyleWatch Matches Shoppers with Celebrity Fashion Twins via Mobile
By scanning a QR code from the print magazine, tapping on the tablet edition or accessing a mobile Web site, shoppers can tap on product images to determine their look, which is then matched to a celebrity, and shop for related products. The project shows how mobile can can be leveraged to guide consumers in matters of personal taste, such as fashion.
Newsweek, Resurrected in Print, Now Turns to the Web
Things have settled down since the print reboot in March, according to editor-in-chief Jim Impoco, so now Newsweek can devote some additional energy to digital growth.
More on National Geographic Being Ranked No. 1 in Social Media Among Publishers
Shareablee has ranked NatGeo as the most effective publisher in the social space for the month of July, with 46.4 million engagements on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
SocialFlow: Predictive Data Boosts Social Messaging by 91%: Helps Media and Entertainment Brands the Most
Real-time social messaging is most beneficial to brands in the media and entertainment sectors, according to SocialFlow's latest study that examined 1.6 million posts by brands.
What P&G Brands Are on the Chopping Block?
The company isn’t saying which products will go, but P&G CEO A.G. Lafley offered some clues: P&G will be targeting brands that aren’t growing and don’t fit into the company’s core businesses. Lafley also didn’t rule out cutting a big brand if it’s not performing well.
When Publishers’ Platform Dreams Become Nightmares
Nylon Adds Three to Editorial Team
Jeff Williams Is Tennis Media Company Managing Partner
The Newest Important Person in Newsrooms: Audience-Development Czars
ComScore Signs Deal With ThePlatform For Enhanced Video Analytics
Twitter Users Pour Scorn on Murdoch After Google Tweet
Google Is Planning to Offer Accounts to Kids Under 13
Google's New Subscription Music Service
Local, National Ad Media Spending Trends Relate to Businesses, Not Consumers
Smartphone Owners' Appetite for New Apps Wanes
Facebook Engagement Steady, Snapchat Continues Growth
Are Consumers Getting Used to All That Online Advertising?
Ever Wonder Why Consumers Don't Click on Mobile Ads?
Is "Programmatic" Tech Making You Obsolete? Yeah, Probably
Programmatic Misconceptions: Automation Isn't the Same As Choice
Come hear an international authority on psychological profiling, consumer analytics and talent management. Join Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, professor of business psychology, University College London, for a look at how big data and social media are impacting the magazine media workplace, as well as tactics for working with Gen Y and Millennials. Coming next Monday, September 8, NYC.
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Tech and Publishing: A Symbiotic Relationship for the Digital Age
In this month’s issue of Discover you’ll meet an Army surgeon championing new facial reconstruction procedures to heal soldiers’ traumatic combat injuries. You'll get an inside look at a telescope as big as the world aimed at the black hole in the center of our galaxy, and meet a maverick inventor saving lives with dollar-store equipment. Plus, ghostly neutrinos, why guts matter, and how some living things defy aging — all that and more in this thrilling read.