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Thursday, August 7, 2014

How Fitness Magazine Reached 2 Million Facebook Fans
MediaShepherd sat down with Fitness magazine’s digital director, Amanda Wolfe, a nine-year Meredith veteran, and asked her. Wolfe not only has been the driving force behind Fitness magazine’s social media success, but she also has held positions with Ladies Home Journal,, Parents and, and, she says, “Even when I was working on print, there was always a digital, social component of my job.”
Food & Wine Launches Branded Tableware Collection
Housewares sales are continuing to be influenced by the industry’s relationship with publishers as Food & Wine teams with Gorham to launch a tableware and cookware collection on Amazon this fall.
John Oliver's Q&A with Joanna Coles
Irreverent, unflinching and unmistakably British, John Oliver joked his way through Tuesday’s Q&A with Cosmopolitan editor in chief Joanna Coles at the Hearst Tower.
Kevin Spacey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus Swap Roles for Entertainment Weekly
To celebrate its cover story about the 25 Best Characters on TV, the magazine asked the actors behind two of D.C.’s most memorable fictional leaders to trade roles —and outfits.
Shoppers Are Fleeing Physical Stores
Shift to Online Sales Is Prompting Retailers to Scale Back More Store Openings: U.S. retailers are facing a steep and persistent drop in store traffic, which is weighing on sales and prompting chains to slow store openings as shoppers make more of their purchases online.
Is Print Really Killing Publishers?
Why Article Pages Are Going Big on Photos
Hearst International Promotes Peter Yates
Study: Starting Salaries at Magazines Fell $5K in Last Year
President of Hearst Newspapers on the Importance of Hiring Quality Journos
The NYT’s New Paywall Products Flounder
New York Times Tones Down Labeling on Its Sponsored Posts: Lesser Visual Cues to Mark Native Ads
Where John Oliver Gets Native Advertising Wrong
Marketers Just Want to Get to Know You (with Data)
Marketing: It's Business As Usual
What's Next in Native Advertising and Video Strategy? "Mashies" Judges Answer
Come hear an international authority on psychological profiling, consumer analytics and talent management. Join Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, professor of business psychology, University College London, for a look at how big data and social media are impacting the magazine media workplace, as well as tactics for working with Gen Y and Millennials. Coming next Monday, September 8, NYC.
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September 08, 2014
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September 23, 2014
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Tech and Publishing: A Symbiotic Relationship for the Digital Age
"We've all heard of cops gone bad, cops on the take. But the tale that's come out of New York lately is of an entirely different order: Louis Scarcella, a star detective now accused of putting away innocent people, over decades, on false charges, by whatever means necessary—forced confessions, witness tampering, and a total disregard for justice. If he did half the things he's accused of, then we have a new definition of rogue cop." Sean Flynn writing in GQ.