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Monday, June 30, 2014

Q&A with Time Inc’s M Scott Havens: "We want to Build the Next LinkedIn or Facebook"
M Scott Havens, senior vice president of digital at newly independent Time Inc is not a man to pussyfoot around journalistic conventions. “We have to rethink the old ‘church and state’ rules of journalism,” he says. “That doesn’t mean we violate journalistic integrity or the trust we have with our readership. But [these rules] were for a different medium and a different age.”
Q&A with Carey Witmer, President of Meredith Parents Network and Enedina Vega, Vice-President/Publisher of Meredith Hispanic Media
Husni: "Parents Latina, a new English-language magazine focused on serving U.S. Hispanic millennial mothers, one of the fastest-growing demographics in the United States, is about to take its place on the newsstands and the powers-that-be behind the new print product are enthusiastic and energetic about consumer reception."
How Veteran TV Exec Dawn Ostroff Is Taking Condé Nast Beyond Print with a Dozen Films at Studios, and More than 30 in Development
CNE was formed with the ambitious mission of becoming a creative force behind feature films, TV programs and digital video content. Only Condé’s venture, unlike others, has managed to get a whole constellation of projects up and running. And that accomplishment is due, by all accounts, to Ostroff.
Top Editors Myers, Foxman, and Astley Share How to Make It in the Fashion Industry
The day kicked off with an editors panel consisting of the editors-in-chief of Elle Magazine, Robbie Myers; InStyle Magazine, Ariel Foxman; and Teen Vogue, Amy Astley. Interviewed by Fashionista editor Lauren Indvik, the industry veterans gave candid advice on everything from what to wear to the job interview to just how long those cover letters really should be (spoiler alert: definitely less than one page.)
What Your Favorite Fashion Magazine Says About You
Licata: "Some of us love celebrity style, some of us want to look just like Marilyn Monroe, and some of us are sewing nerds who just want to make clothes. Some of us want to look really beautiful and conventionally attractive, while some of us want to look eye-catching and interesting and are willing to wear wigs in public to achieve that goal. There’s room for all of us in fashion, and there’s a fashion magazine for everybody."
COO Debra Janssen Promoted to President and CEO CDS Gobal
Hearst-owned CDS Global has announced that it's promoting COO Debra Janssen to president and CEO. Her appointment is effective immediately. Former chairman and CEO Malcolm Netburn will continue on in his chairman role.
TNM's First Look: Time Inc.-Backed 120 Sports Launches iPad App, with Android App to Follow
Hebbard: "The new app has launched into the Apple App Store first – and as the company has shown an excellent ability to swing deals, it is probably the case that 120 Sports worked directly with Apple – providing Apple a 30 day exclusive on the app. In exchange, the app is currently listed first in the App Store under Best New Apps, as well as on top in the promotional carousel as an Editor’s Choice."
Eating Well Magazine Teams Up with CDC to Create Heart-Healthy Recipe Website
The federal government teamed up with Eating Well magazine to create a new website featuring creative, nutritious recipes that are good for your heart and waistline.
The New Yorker Profiles Mad Magazine As an Anti-Smoking Ad Pioneer
Wright: "The New Yorker ran an excellent article last week about Mad magazine's big anti-smoking push during the '60s, which resulted not only in tons of hilarious tobacco ad parodies but some fake smoker-friendly inventions that, had the industry paid any attention to the small ad-free satirical magazine, could've potentially kick-started the e-cigarette boom decades earlier."
Magazines Reviewed: The Best in Science Reporting this Summer
Discover, Popular Science, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, The New Yorker, New York, and TIME are discussed.
AP Will Use Robots to Write Some Business Stories
Apple's iWatch Being Tested by Kobe Bryant and Other Sports Stars
Here’s What the Future of Reading Looks Like
Mozilla and Newspapers Offer an Intriguing "Publishing Platform for Readers"
Vogue and Glamour Appoint New Associate Publishers
Johnson Publishing Company Launches New JET Magazine App for All Mobile and Tablet Devices
U.S.-Germany Soccer Match Draws 10.8 Million to ESPN
Vice, the News Entity, Grows on HBO and Online
Arianna Huffington’s "Thrive" Conferences Aren’t Thriving
Accounts and People of Note in the Advertising Industry
Nature Photographer Ron Austing Dead at 82
Is Google Getting into the Native-Advertising Game?
Facebook’s Latest Privacy-Violating Experiment Wasn’t Even Good Science
The Growing Importance of Audience Data Tracking
Fox Stations Poised to Drop Nielsen, Go Exclusively with Rentrak
For Email Newsletters, a Death Greatly Exaggerated
Native and Programmatic: The Yin and Yang of Advertising
How Big Media Is Adapting To Automated Ad Buying
It's the End of "Marketing" As We Know It at Procter & Gamble
MRC: “Viewability” Comes to Video Ads
Come hear the key principles for creating viral content from Jonah Berger, author and associate marketing professor, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Berger has spent the last decade studying how social influence works and will discuss the science behind contagious content at MPA’s upcoming Chew on This presentation on Thursday, July 17. Register today – the first 35 attendees will receive a copy of Berger’s book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On.
Speakers include MPA’s Mary G. Berner, Hearst’s Michael Clinton, All You’s Nina Willdorf and Deborah Curtis, The Atlantic’s Corby Kummer and Jay Lauf, Glamour’s Cindi Leive and Bon Appetit’s Adam Rapaport—plus Richard B. Stolley, the founding editor of PEOPLE, and Dorothy Kalins, the founding editor of Metropolitan Home and Saveur.

In its July issue, Scientific American examines How a Sensor-Filled World Will Change Human Consciousness...