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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Time Inc., Net2TV Partner on Streaming TV Shows
Time Inc. and Net2TV have announced that they will be offering a number of streaming TV shows based on Time’s brands at Net2TV’s Portico TV service. The initial shows include “People This Week,” “The Week In Time,” “Cooking Light,” “Inside Golf Magazine” and “Southern Living.”
National Geographic Starts Photography Fellowships
The announcement came during the National Geographic Explorers Symposium. The fellows are Lynn Johnson, Brian Skerry, Cory Richards and David Guttenfelder.
TV Guide Announces Redesign of Magazine
The changes in the magazine consist of more robust editorial content and more editorial pages designed to give readers additional guidance and perspective.
Michael Kors Sits for Interview at Hearst Tower
Breaking through Michael Kors's well-publicized and outsized persona was Glenda Bailey’s task on Tuesday night when the editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar interviewed the designer for an hour.
​Hearst Magazines International’s Kim St. Clair Bodden Talks Conferences & Content Sharing
HMI Senior Vice President and Editorial Director Kim St. Clair Bodden, along with her team, work on everything from the development of brand conferences to implementing global covers and coordinating content sharing across editions.
Saveur Served Up Gourmet Eats on the West Side Waterfront
Foodies flocked to Saveur magazine’s annual barbecue last night at the 79th Street Boat Basin, where they could sample bites from 17 different chefs and restaurants. Saveur editor-in-chief James Oseland and publisher Kristin Cohen co-hosted the event, which was packed with hungry diners.
Thelma and Louise Take a Selfie in The Hollywood Reporter
You just know that if Thelma & Louise were hitting the road today, they would at some point take a selfie. Recently, co-stars Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis did the next best thing, and an image to that effect adorns the cover of this week’s The Hollywood Reporter‘s compilation of Tinseltown’s 100 Favorite Films.
InStyle’s Kahlana Barfield on the Best At-Home-Devices from Its “Best Beauty Buys”
InStyle tested scores of beauty gadgets and in-home treatments for its Best Beauty Buys Awards, and Barfield showcases the winners, ranging in price from $30 to $500.
Fashion People and Their Fashion Cats
Among the notables in the fashion industry profiling their feline companions,’s Deputy Web Editor Ruthie Friedlander and her cat, Gracie are pictured and interviewed.
ASME Intern Blog: Ideas, Unimpeded
Gabriela Riccardi, intern at Family Circle writes " I want my thoughts to flow, my ideas to spring, and my pitches to flood. So I’ve schemed up a few tricks to unblock my brain and let the tide of ideas stream in." (Anna Hensel, intern at Inc., editing)
Forrester: Loyalty As We Know It Is Dead (For Marketers and Publishers)
In Attempt to Head Off Apple, Samsung Lets Consumers Test-Drive Smart Devices
iPhone 6 Rumors: 5.5-inch Model Could Exclusively Come with 128GB of Storage
Apple Buying Disney? A Consultant Explains Why He Thinks a Deal Is "Frighteningly Obvious."
Bare Shelves in the Magazine Aisle
Time Hires Three, Promotes Three Adds Elizabeth Narins As Their Inaugural Fitness Editor
British GQ's Dylan Jones Named Honorary Professor
Facebook Gets a Time Inc. Veteran to Help Wrangle Famous People
Jann Wenner Promotes Son Gus
Steven Levy to Leave Wired
InStyle Features Editor Moves to Billboard
Gary Oldman Apologizes for Inflammatory Remarks in Playboy Interview: "I Am an A-hole"
Australian Women's Magazine Chose a Burn Victim to Be the Cover Model for Their Inspirational New Issue
More on Meredith to Add Parents Latina to Its Magazine Portfolio
More on Forbes Japan Edition
Magazine Blogger Launches Book Project Centered on Being a Modern Magazine Pro in the U.K.
"Almost Half" of the New York Times' Blogs Will Close or Merge
Here's Why Brands Are Speaking Spanish in General Market Ads: Dish, ESPN, Hyundai, Others Mainstream Their Hispanic Marketing
BuzzFeed Denies Using Quizzes to Mine Personal Data: Claims Collected Information Is Anonymous
GE Becomes Legitimate Online News Publisher
U.S. Economy Shrinks by Most in Five Years
Six Benefits of Using a Subscription Model for Your Business
For Premium Online CPM Prices, the Only Way Is Up
Mobile Engagement: Apps, Smartphones Hit New Highs
Consumers Viewing Social As Customer Service Channel
Come hear the key principles for creating viral content from Jonah Berger, author and associate marketing professor, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Berger has spent the last decade studying how social influence works and will discuss the science behind contagious content at MPA’s upcoming Chew on This presentation on Thursday, July 17. Register today – the first 35 attendees will receive a copy of Berger’s book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On.
Speakers include MPA’s Mary G. Berner, Hearst’s Michael Clinton, All You’s Nina Willdorf and Deborah Curtis, The Atlantic’s Corby Kummer and Jay Lauf, Glamour’s Cindi Leive and Bon Appetit’s Adam Rapaport—plus Richard B. Stolley, the founding editor of PEOPLE, and Dorothy Kalins, the founding editor of Metropolitan Home and Saveur.

At some point, the newspaper that brought down a president bowed out of the competition to be the best newspaper in the country. -Now, writes Michael Meyer, Jeff Bezos has The Washington Post thinking global domination.