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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

MPA Chief: Magazines Are the "Antidote to Connectivity Overload"
Today’s big game-changer is the convergence of multiple media platforms, content formats and devices—all of which can leave consumers feeling as if they’re “drinking from a fire hose” when it comes to media consumption, said Mary G. Berner, president and CEO of MPA-The Association of Magazine Media, during Retail Marketplace 2014.
Fortune Magazine Triples Amount of Online Content
Fortune is greatly increasing the amount of content it publishes —up to 90 pieces per day. Money, meanwhile, is publishing about 20 to 30 pieces of content per day, the same amount it used to publish in an entire month. ( has roughly doubled its output recently, too.)
Forbes and Men's Health Go Digital
With 25 years under its belt, ForbesLife magazine will launch its own Web site and app for both mobile and iPad on Sept. 2. Men’s Health, one of Rodale’s more lucrative titles, has launched a World Cup digital edition, which is currently available for iPad and iPhone. The app, which not only provides editorial content related to the sporting event, also has shoppable advertising content provided by Shop Advisor.
Teen Vogue Partners with Staples for Back-To-School: Branded Paper Products Will Hit Stores Next Month
September has long been the biggest month for fashion magazines, but at Teen Vogue, it also means the start of back-to-school. To kick off the 2014 school year, the Condé Nast magazine is teaming up with Staples to launch an exclusive collection of branded school supplies.
More Q&A with Joe Ripp, CEO, Time Inc.: We Are Going to Invest Big in Our Future.
On the day after Time Inc. became its own publicly traded company, Joe Ripp, CEO of Time Inc., shares with Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni his views on the future of Time Inc.
Q&A with Eric Hoffman, EVP & COO, Hoffman Media: This Is the Secret to Our Success.
Hoffman Media, the Birmingham, AL based magazine media company has grown over the last 30 years to become a major player in the magazine field. Eric Hoffman, the executive vice president and COO of the company is now the chairman of the IMAG (Independent Magazine Media Group) and a member of the board of the MPA: The Association of Magazine Media.
Q&A with Michael Schaffer, Incoming Washingtonian Editor in Chief
Schaffer says of the evolving challenges, frontiers and opportunities in magazine media: "I think web strategy has to be a focus for any editor, anywhere."
Survey: Next Five Years Hold Major Revenue Shift for Publishers
Folio conducted a brief spot survey with its audience to gauge publishers' revenue mix, competitive outlook and growth prospects. While the pattern of priorities remains predictable —print is still currently the major revenue source with digital a primary focus.
Innovating at Retail: Recent Tests and Success Stories
Top Magazine Execs Talk Retail Priorities, Strategies
Hearst Execs Share Keys to Successful Launches
How Magazines Are Leveraging Mobile at Retail
Navigating the Rapidly Shifting Retail Landscape
iPhone 6 Rumors: 4.7-Inch Model Spotted in Photo with Pop Star Jimmy Lin
InStyle July Cover Girl Kate Hudson Supports the Butt-Implanted People of the World
India: Publishing’s Next Great Frontier
The Christian Science Monitor Tweaks Its Engagement Algorithm
Bloomberg Hires Jacki Kelley, Ad Executive, for Media Business
Ziff Davis Acquires emedia Communications
Glenn Britt, Former Time Warner Cable Chairman, Dies at 65
STACK Media Makes a Pair of Acquisitions
Vice Is About to Solve a Big Problem for Time Warner: HLN
Vice Media's Shane Smith Is the Future That Time Warner Wants to Own
Apple Cracks Down On Apps That Reward Sharing, Video-Watching
Appeals Court Says Digital Library Project Doesn't Infringe Copyright
Tech Group Calls on Feds to Block Comcast Merger
Global Digital News Audience Increased by 23% in 2013
Data Quality Is Key to Addressable TV Ad Accountability
Programmatic Advertising Ready for Its Next Inning
Brent Poer, president of LiquidThread North America, is a powerful marketer of many strong opinions and lots of boldface clients, including world class marketers P&G, Walmart and American Honda Motor Company. Come hear this top advertiser and creative force reveal how to make the tablet a better experience for advertisers and consumers. MPA CHEW ON THIS bring-your-lunch series, NYC, Thursday, June 26.
Speakers include MPA’s Mary G. Berner, Hearst’s Michael Clinton, All You’s Nina Willdorf and Deborah Curtis, The Atlantic’s Corby Kummer and Jay Lauf, Glamour’s Cindi Leive and Bon Appetit’s Adam Rapaport—plus Richard B. Stolley, the founding editor of PEOPLE, and Dorothy Kalins, the founding editor of Metropolitan Home and Saveur.
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