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Monday, September 23, 2013

Standard Media Index: U.S. Media Spend for Magazines, Cable TV, Digital, Record Upswings
After digital media, cable TV was next best for August 2013, improving 12% (6% higher for the year) and magazines gained 10% (up 15% for the year); with syndicated TV adding 6%, inching up 1% season-to-date.
Tricky Trade-Off with Sponsored Content
"What magazine media sells is the relationship between the publication and readers," said Sid Holt, Chief Executive of the American Society of Magazine Editors, "Fundamentally, what people are interested in when they look at magazine and magazine brands on digital platforms is the value and integrity of the content."
How The New Yorker Cover Became Twitter Gold
A look at how the distinguished magazine manages to create cultural moments, conversation online and off, explosive buzz, and occasional controversies with its covers.
TIME Managing Editor Nancy Gibbs' First Round of Hires and Promotions
Nancy Gibbs marked her second full day as Time managing editor with a series of promotions and hires made partially in advance of the relaunch of
Random House Creates Flipboard Magazines to Promote Books
Random House is getting into the digital magazine business in partnership with Flipboard in hopes of boosting book sales. Their first products include digital magazines from, exploring the fictional world created by George R. R. Martin in his "Song of Fire and Ice" fantasy novels, which began with "Game of Thrones."
More Q&A with Hearst's Malcolm Netburn, CEO of CDS Global
Netburn says "In this age of disruptive media, CDS Global is an enabler of all the ways in which content can now be distributed in a world of agnostic distribution. We are the essential link between the industry and the consumer, deepening the customer experience."
New York Post: Science Magazines at the Newsstand
Condé Nast Traveler Making Marketing Push
Esquire Network Kicks Off Today
InStyle's Editor at Large Hal Rubenstein Chimes in on the Emmy's Red Carpet Looks
Seventeen's "Pretty Amazing" Is Announced
SpinMedia's Steve Hansen Hunting Profits in Music Blogs, and a Magazine
Jim Bankoff Brings Lush Print-Design Ethic to Web
Susan Lyne Earns Media Maven Stripes for Improving AOL's Content
Coca Cola's Ivan Pollard an Avid Reader of "Old-Fashioned" Magazines
Customer-Service Innovation Highlighted, Debated, at CDS Global Summit
Slate Rolls Out Its Most Significant Redesign Since 2006
Daily Beast Says IAC Decides to Hold on to Online Publication
Disruptions: Gawker Wants to Encourage More Voices Online, but with Less Yelling
BitWall Allows Publishers to Make Money Through Bitcoin Micropayments
Why Publishers Should Embrace the FTC’s Native Advertising Workshop
Tablets, Tablets, Everywhere; Is the Thrill Still There?
BlackBerry Disconnects Consumer Market
Dick Tracy Wrist Watches Not Ready for Prime Time
IAB Issues Tech Specs and Style Guide for Rising Star Formats Today
Digital Marketing Takes Center Stage at Advertising Week
Exchanges Continue to Take Agency Share, Video Dominated By Long Tail
Transparency Breeds Honesty, Tech Investments Across Ad Industry
Platforms Become Self-Serve: TV Ad-Buying Model Turns to Web Portal
The Pageview’s Days Are Numbered
Millennial Men Keep Their Digital Lives Humming
Hedge Funds Now Free to Advertise
Forrester: U.S. Leads in E-Commerce Readiness
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