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Monday, August 19, 2013

Amid Print Ad Demand Rebound, Wall Street Ups Outlook for Meredith, and Rest of Magazine Industry
Citing an uptick in print ad page demand, Wall Street analyst Matt Chesler raised his outlook for magazine publishing giant Meredith. The move comes amid other recent positive signals from magazine publishers.
10 Hollywood Hits Inspired By Magazine and Newspaper Articles
MPA member publications like Outside, Vibe, Wired, New York, and Esquire make up the majority of the page-to-screen classics listed from Saturday Night Fever and Dog Day Afternoon to blockbusters like Top Gun, and The Fast and the Furious.
Trying to Make Google Glass Fashionable
Google Glass is being featured in a 12-page spread in Vogue magazine’s September fashion issue, propped up on the faces of models wearing haute couture outfits.
Vogue Is Still in Vogue As Upmarket Publisher Sits Pretty
Luxury publications continue to show resilience to magazine downturn. ”Brand Vogue has never been more powerful or profitable, or enjoyed a wider reach, than today,” says Nicholas Coleridge, president of Condé Nast International.
Condé Nast Teams with Fiat on GQ-Branded Car Carmaker to Sponsor Mag's Style Competition
Condé Nast titles already boast a bevy of brand extensions: Teen Vogue bedding, New Yorker beach towels, a Vogue café in Dubai. Now fans of GQ can show their dedication with a GQ-branded car.
Decades of New Yorker and Woman's Day Advertisements
The New Yorker's Currency business blog has selected a dozen ads that reflect evolving attitudes and fashions over the past eighty years and Woman's Day has had an impressive evolution in its ad culture over the years as well.
The Saga of the American Newsstand: Newsstand Innovation Vs. Other Innovation in Media
InStyle Essentials Launches “Perfect White Shirt Collection” Featuring TrioFit Technology
GQ’s Classic Fashion Party with a Prison Swain
Mother Jones "Smacks Down" Examiner Writer Investigating Michael Hastings Death
UK Publications Get Bump in Circulation from Digital
Is the iPad Era Already Drawing to a Close?
Pam McNally, Rachel Long Promoted to Sandow Media Executive Directors
Andrew Cockburn Named Harper's Magazine Washington Editor
Kaleigh Grover Promoted to Naples Illustrated Publisher
James Truman, a Crown Prince in a New Kingdom
Marks & Spencer Taps Annie Leibovitz to Shoot Ads
Vice Sells Stake to 21st Century Fox
Global Ad Buys Might Finally Become a Reality
Pioneer Augments Reality to Bring Ads to Life
Don’t Despair, There’s Hope for Banner Ads
Remember Podcasting? It's Back - and Booming
New Patent Hints at Pay-Per-Gaze Advertising for Google Glass
Justin Smith’s Blueprint for Modern Media
Adweek's 2013 Media Plans of the Year
Apple Tightens Rules on Children's Apps
Publisher Makes TV Play
Retail Stocks Fell on Friday
Irwin: With the Pressure to Reduce Budgets Mounting, Pharma Should Leverage Sales, Promo Resources
Inside the Playbook of How WPP Will Go After Its Soon-to-Be-Bigger Rival
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