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Friday, August 16, 2013

Digital Media: Counting the Change
Media companies took a battering from the internet for years. Cash from digital sources is at last repairing some of the damage some speculate.
Allure, ShopAdvisor Collaborate on Digital Edition
Allure is making it easier for readers to directly shop its digital edition. ShopAdvisor, the shopping-experience company used for tablet magazines like Cosmopolitan, Parenting magazine, Popular Science and More, is launching an e-commerce element for Allure’s mobile app.
InStyle Hosts Summer Soiree
Wednesday’s InStyle summer soiree drew a young crowd of film stars and fashion favorites to the Mondrian Hotel, where the fashion mandate appeared to be colorful prints and all-white ensembles.
Wednesday's Cyber Attacks: Washington Post Site Targeted and Hacked by Syrian Group
The paper reported that the Syrian collective had said in a Twitter post that it had also attacked TIME magazine and CNN, suggesting it had tried to carry out a coordinated attack on American news outlets.
The New Yorker Launches Business Blog
The New Yorker has expanded its online business coverage with Currency, a new blog to be edited by Vauhini Vara, who joined The New Yorker late last month. (See Today's Magazine Spotlight.)
More on Condé Nast Study: Digital and Print Reading Patterns Similar
Eric Pike Takes Over as Martha Stewart Living Editor in Chief
Mag Bag: The Week in Magazines
Opinion: George Simpson Ranks Where to Advertise to Him -Magazines Came in Third
Recent People Moves
The Global Dominance of ESPN
How to Fix the Broken Newsstand System: Michael J. Fox (Magazines Canada Chair)
Serious Eats Debuts Digital Magazine with Grilling Issue
Tribune Interactive Updates the Chicago Tribune’s Photography Magazine App
Gawker Makes Sure Its Ads Are Seen
Adcom Group Launches ID8 Nation Magazine as individual Apps Inside the 3 Major App Stores
Study: iPhones, iPads Have Distinct Usage, Users
What We Learned: Haters Gonna Hate Edition
Google Shuts Down Microsoft YouTube App, Again
Analyst: FCC Won't Get Involved with TWC-CBS Battle
SEC Bars Conrad Black from U.S. Directorships
More on the Passing and Legacy of Naked Founder John Harlow
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Today, The New Yorker is launching Currency, a new business blog. To celebrate, the staff has gathered a dozen of the magazine's most iconic articles on businesspeople from throughout the magazine’s long history. The first Profile on the list? —the Wolcott Gibbs “Time … Fortune … Life … Luce,” piece from way back in 1936. It even has a business story behind it: It’s of course about Henry Luce, the founder of TIME magazine, (written in a parodic imitation of TIME’s then-famous prose style) but it also happened to be a salvo in the epic rivalry between Luce and The New Yorker’s founding editor, Harold Ross.