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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

People Hits Newsstand Gold With Royal Baby Cover: Sales up a Projected 21 Percent Over Last 6 Months
Judging by early estimates, the issue will rank as one of People’s best sellers in a long time. Five days after the “special collector’s issue” had been on newsstands, its single-copy sales had already increased 21 percent over average sales for the past 26 weeks, according to Magazine Information Network.
A Cover in Print is Worth Thousands of Tweets
Professor Samir Husni explains the power of the magazine cover: "unlike the Facebook pages filled with posts that eventually scroll into the great digital abyss, the magazine cover remains there in all its firestorm of glory to forever remind you of the message it delivers."
The 2013 City and Regional Magazine Survey
According to the data from FOLIO’s 2013 survey, city and regional magazines, remain an anomaly in the magazine media world: they continue to stick to their print-centric roots.
mInfographic: Twitter Performance for Weekly Publications (July, 2013)
Using data from min's Boxscores program, Samantha Wood has tracked the Twitter performance (in terms of followers) to compare these weekly news, sports and entertainment publications.
Content Is King: How Print Can Make It in the Digital World According to International Publishers
The Economist's Inez Albert offers that part of the challenge is convincing advertisers that when it comes to branding, that digital platforms can be as effective as traditional TV or full-page formats.
The Hyper-Connected, Mobile Audience Will Force Publishers to Act
Vanity Fair and Vogue Get TV Deals
Wiesenthal Center Calls for Closing of German Magazine It Says Glorifies Nazism
Retailers Are the New Publishers
Matt Edelman Is Stepping Down As CEO Of Digital Magazine Platform Glossi
Sports Illustrated Announces A-Rod’s Funeral
US Weekly Uncorks Simon Cowell Exclusive
Carlos Lamadrid Joins Canada's TC Media as SVP
PGOA Media Names Andrew Becks New VP, Audience Development
Shiona Turini Is Cosmopolitan Fashion Market Director
Melissa Kramer Joins Essence As Fashion Director
Michelle Lee Ribeiro Is Palm Beach Media Group Custom Content Editor
Veteran Gaming Journalist Steve Morgenstern Dies of Sudden Illness
O.K., Glass: Confessions of a Google Glass Explorer
The Frank Book Magazine Publisher Launches Latest Chapter
Estonian Children’s Magazine "Täheke" Debuts Through FlexyPress App
Mobile Tops Desktop for Social Sharing
Data Finally Migrating Into Other Media
The Next Wave of Ads Knows Everything About You - Before You Do
App Marketing Costs Rise in June As Downloads Dip
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Patrick Lin, California Polytechnic State University Researcher, writing for WIRED, asks: Why would we want cars driving themselves? For one thing, it could save a lot of lives, -but Lin insists there's more to all of this.