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Thursday, June 25, 2013

AARP Study: Don’t Write Off Boomers and Seniors in Your Digital Strategy
New study shows 75 percent of Boomers and 68 percent of Seniors take action after viewing a video.
Inside Meredith Corp’s Collection of Agencies
In recent years, the publisher of magazines like Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, and Fitness, among others, has been aggressively snatching up agencies to create content for advertisers.
Reddit’s Wide Audience Drives the Interview
In recent weeks, John Malkovich, Adrian Grenier, Bryan Cranston, Christopher Guest, Ethan Hawke, Bill Nye and Ellen Page, along with members of the band the Bare Naked Ladies, have subjected themselves to Ask Me Anything, where users can ask their subjects... anything.
Study: How Publishers Are Measuring Native Ads Today
The Online Publishers Association asked 29 of its member companies how they gauge success of native ads, and how they define the sometimes amorphous ad category. They found there really is no consensus as yet.
Remembering Lindy Hess
5 Digital Metrics Your Magazine Should Consider
Sunset Magazine Proposes an "Idea Town"
Author’s “Proof of Heaven” Questioned in Esquire Magazine
Penton Buys Aviation Week from McGraw Hill
Axel Springer Sells Oldest Print Titles in $1.2 Billion Deal: Newspapers, TV Guides, and Women's Magazines
Vanity Fair France Delves Into Mystery of Yves Saint Laurent Sketches
Thanks to Joseph Heller, It’s Christmas in July for The Strand Magazine
Strangeways Zine Collective Launches Magazine, Group Show
Gazelles at the Watering Hole: Publishers Need Mobile Success Stories
Women Have Fueled the Rapid Rise of BlogHer Conference
Viewers Use Tablets, Smartphones with or Instead of TV Sets
Gawker's Nick Denton Makes Peace With the Banner Ad
Mobile Powers Facebook's Skyrocketing Revs
Twitter’s Fake Ads Reawaken the Existential Angst We Feel about Using Cloud Services
The (Purchase) Funnel Is Dead, Long Live the Loop?
Ad Age's 2013 Hispanic Fact Pack
US Pet Spending Passes $60 Billion
DAA Releases Self-Regulatory Guidance for Mobile
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Popular Science reports on Google's new products announced this week: two hardware, one software. One is an updated version of an Android tablet, the newest version of Android, and something that's not quite like anything else...