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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

People Scores a Palace Coup with Baby Cover
People is the champion US chronicler of the British royals, and the latest chapter was timed perfectly for managing editor Larry Hackett and his staff.
AAM Approves Streamlined Audit Program
The Alliance for Audited Media has announced one step that will ease the burden on some publishers now, and another that may do the same in the future.
Flipboard Launches Its Mobile Magazines on the Web
After three years as a tablet-only app and then smartphones, Flipboard is now making its way to the browser. Beginning Tuesday, user-created magazines will begin appearing on
Hey, It's OK... Intern Edition
Haley Goldberg, interning at Glamour, gives us a playful rundown of all the often unmentioned upsides in the daily life of an ASME intern in the style of one of Glamour's iconic long-running features.
Source Interlink Media Folds Home Theater into Sound & Vision
Departures Increases Frequency of Home + Design Supplement: Luxury Shelter Spinoff to Publish Twice in 2014
ESPN Cleans up Fan Boards by Requiring Facebook Log-ins
More Publisher Sabine Feldmann Heading to Glamour
Politico Hires Todd Purdum, But He’ll Remain at Vanity Fair
Executive Editor Owen Phillips Exits The Hollywood Reporter
HGTV Magazine Adds Design Director
Review & Reaction to The New Republic's "Big Law Is Dead" Story
Longform Journalism Is Alive and Well, Say Co-Founders of Byliner, Atavist
Action Comics #1 Gets Presidential Treatment at Comic-con
Gelish Releases "Magazine Style Newsletter" to Promote Its Nail Products
LinkedIn Continues to Act Like a Media Business: Now Offering Sponsored Content
Is Flipboard a Partner or a Competitor for Publishers and Content Creators? -Yes
How News Orgs Are Experimenting with "Digestible Digital Weeklies: on Mobile Devices
Hoopla Wants to Be a Free Netflix for Library Users
Apple CEO Tim Cook: "Amazing New Products" Coming
The iPad Accounted for 84.3 Percent of Web Traffic from Tablets in June
Demand Woes Bite Apple
Google to Reveal New Tablet
Programmatic Buying Rises, But Display Ads Decline
Kantar Retail: Target Narrows Walmart’s Basket Advantage
Online Retail Referrals still Low Despite Altered Sales Funnel
How Much Broadcast and Cable Should Advertisers Really Buy?
Ad Sellers Behave Badly, Too
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That's No Joke. Consider: He is the most quietly effective politician in D.C. (Don't laugh.) The "Most Influential Vice President in History." (Seriously, stop laughing.) One of our nation's most senior statesmen. (Look it up!) So why is the man who could be the next president also the butt of so many jokes? GQ's Jeanne Marie Laskas gets to know the most misunderstood man in Washington.