The Association of Magazine Media

Thursday, June 13, 2013

MPA Fights Possible Exigent Postal Rate Increase
The association, working with a coalition of mailing groups, has issued a statement in opposition to a possible USPS rate hike, which can be as high as 10 percent.
The Newsonomics of Hearst Magazines’ One Million New Customers
While most newspaper publishers are leaning heavily on their long-time core bases by promising and delivering all-access, Hearst Magazines is taking a contrarian turn in the market. “We want unique paying digital customers,” says Chris Wilkes, VP for audience development and digital editions for Hearst Magazines.
How Journalists Really Feel About the Digital Evolution
Almost half said they published videos produced in-house, up from 20 percent in 2011. Journalists are increasingly relying on social media and blogs for research.
Traditional Media Scores Credibility Points
Print and television advertising received higher scores for credibility and effectiveness among consumers and marketers in all regions. Globally, 94% of consumers voted for traditional media compared with 91% of marketers.
Brand: New
Sara Gentzler takes on the concept of the brand, applying it to the entities and institutions she encounters daily in New York City, and to herself.
The Stars and Stats Align for a Mobile Publishing Surge
More Publishers Tap Responsive Ads
Motor Trend Coming to MSN in 2014
Q&A with The Atlantic's Entrepreneur in Residence
Second Annual Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy
W Magazine Editor Stefano Tonchi at FIT Gala
New York’s The Cut Names Allison Davis Associate Editor
Erin Lee Carr Leaves Vice for The Verge
BEAT Celebrates Rock’s Cast of Characters
Mommy Blog or a Glossy Fashion Magazine?
Idil Tabanca, Joana Avillez, Pari Dukovic Are Among Several Notables in the New 30 Under 30
Gary Hoenig, a Founding Editor of ESPN The Magazine, Has Been Laid Off
The Washington Post’s New “Sponsored Views” Offering Is Actually Pretty Smart
This is Your Brain on Native Ads
Four Essential Questions to Ask About Branded Content
As Digital Subscription Models Take Hold, the Focus Turns to Renewals
Beagley: Optimizing Your Double Postcard Direct Mail Tactics
Mobile Ads Forecast To Rival Desktop, Metrics Key
Mojiva's Mocean Debuts Ad-Serving Service For Advertisers
Love and Hate for Apple’s New Mobile Software
"Jony Ive Redesigns Things" Tumblr Pokes Fun At Apple's iOS 7
Major Players Consolidate Share in US Mobile Ad Market
Google Takes Home Half of Worldwide Mobile Internet Ad Revenues
Apple’s E-Book Market Share Is Bigger Than You Think
Ad-Sales Talks Fall Short for Some TV Networks
Steven Spielberg Predicts "Implosion" of Film Industry
Wall Street Journal Offers Buyouts
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This week, Rodale leadership, board members, advertisers and new vendors gathered in New York to celebrate the launch of Rodale’s, a new eco-luxury e-commerce site. Hosted by Chairman & CEO Maria Rodale, the party showcased beauty, jewelry, apparel and home products sold on the site.