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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Magazines are Sold on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and 13 Other Fun Facts About Magazines at the Newsstand
Professor Samir Husni reports from the MPA/PBAA Retail Marketplace conference in Philadelphia, where Gil Brechtel of MagNet presented 14 surprising facts about the magazine business in the United States.
BoSacks: Print's Not Dead, -but Changing
Bob Sacks offers his thoughts on the "Great Newsstand Publishing Realignment," as the Retail Conference marches on.
Mailers Rallying Against Rumored 10% Postage Hike
MPA, working through the Affordable Mail Alliance, has begun urging communication with the USPS Board of Governors ahead of any discussions of postal rate increases.
Time Inc. Testing Out New Oversized Mobile Ad Unit
Double Snap merges two ad units into one on mobile sites. Solomon Masch, director of mobile sales and strategy at Time Inc., said the ad format is intended to be eye-catching but not overbearing, which is why it never totally obscures the content featured on those websites.
Marie Claire Hosts Women Taking the Lead Lunch
In attendance were Sarah Jessica Parker, Tory Burch, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Katie Couric, and Norah O’Donnell.
Kiplinger Increases Tablet Traffic with Optimized Website
Kiplinger has chosen to develop an HTML5 version of its website instead of native app in order to capture these device users while keeping its content squarely within the web search and discovery ecosystem.
Men's Health Invites You to a "Google Hangout" Video Conference Today at 4pm
Graydon Carter: Magazines Are a Brilliant Invention
Working Mother President Carol Evans Witnesses Obama's Equal Pay Act Speech
The Atlantic Hires Andrew Golis As ‘Entrepreneur-in-Residence’
People Moves at, Foreign Policy...
BlackBook Founder Buying Back the Brand
Manjoo: Why People Online Don’t Read to the End
The Marketer's Guide to Reaching Millennials: They Are the Medium
Starcom's Desmond: Media Models Need to Change, Future Is Multiscreen Use
As Mobile/Tablets Gain Ground, Spending on Desktop Banners and Search Are Poised for Decline
One-Third of Americans Own a Tablet
U.S. Mobile Video Audience Spikes to 45 Million
Apple's iTunes Radio Allows Users to Pay to Avoid Ads
Block: Design and Insecurity Are Back at Apple
The Various Purchase Paths Of Digital Shoppers
Apple Unveils Major iOS Upgrade
Apple Challenges Google, Microsoft in the Cloud
Day 5 of the Apple E-Books Trial: Publishing Execs Testify; Rupert Murdoch’s Role
Prism Could Be a Watershed Moment for Online Privacy Legislation
Verizon, FCC Spar Over Neutrality Rules
View photo highlights from MPA and PBAA's annual conference focused on single-copy opportunities, currently underway in Philadelphia.
MPA has created a three-part seminar series for mid- to senior-level magazine, media and advertising professionals--even non-digital folks--focusing on organizing companies around digital production, designing and distributing digital editions, and exploring avenues of monetization.
The 2013 Yale Publishing Course—Leadership Strategies in Magazine & Digital Publishing (July 14-19)—tackles the most important issues facing publishers in this time of ever-accelerating change.

This week, Rodale leadership, board members, advertisers and new vendors gathered in New York to celebrate the launch of Rodale’s, a new eco-luxury e-commerce site. Hosted by Chairman & CEO Maria Rodale, the party showcased beauty, jewelry, apparel and home products sold on the site.