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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Housing Recovery Boosts Magazines
Publishers are heading into summer optimistic about a housing recovery that's restoring confidence and ad spending to advertisers in the home category. There are possible bright spots as building permits, home prices and real-estate sales rise.
Time Inc. to Support New NYSE Website
The New York Stock Exchange initiates a content marketing push with its first foray into brand journalism with Time Inc.'s support.
Kiplinger Launches New Version for Tablets
Kiplinger has launched a tablet version of its website using the Onswipe HTML5 platform. Preliminary tests show the streamlined graphics and touchable layouts have struck a chord with iPad users: Tablet page views to increased 133%, and the average time spent increased as well.
Smithsonian Launches Tablet Edition for Air & Space Magazine
The digital edition is reformatted and redesigned for the iPad, converting the conventional magazine design into an interactive experience with extensive photo galleries.
Hearst Names Uden VP, Digital Marketing
Lee Cordobés Promoted at Cooking Light
Time Out London Delays Publication After Fire Destroys over 200,000 Copies
min Announces Sales Executive of the Year Award Winners
Ray Chelstowski Named Newspaper National Network CEO
Men's Editor Marcus von Ackermann Dead at 52
The Micropublishing Explosion Has Begun
If Media Is Being Disrupted Like the Car Industry, Then Who Is the Tesla Motors of Media?
Why Does the American Media Get Big Stories Wrong?
Future Marketers Say Facebook Most Important Social Communicator and Twitter an Ad Medium
The Distasteful Side of Social Media Puts Advertisers on Their Guard
Twitter and Traditional Media: Rivals or Lovers?
Twitter Ad Exchange Excites Publishers
Android Blooms on Twitter's Vine
Mobile Ads Don't Just Annoy, They Betray
5 Strategies for Writing Content to Build Your Web-Based Audience
Banner Ads Can Be Native Too
Most TV/Video and Mobile TV Usage Is in Home
Google Strips First Glass Porn App, Bans Adult Content on Its Connected Glasses
E Ink Hopes New Display Will Help It Nab Share of Wearable Market
Celtra: Rich Mobile Ads More Engaging on Facebook, Twitter
Digital Ad Revenues Near $10 Billion for Quarter
Amazon Earned Over $600 Million in Ad Revenue Last Year
AppData Analytics Service Introduces iOS Revenue Estimates
Automakers See 8% Sales Uptick in May
Google: Court Should Throw Out Android Privacy Lawsuit
In E-Books Trial, U.S. Says Apple Conspired with Publishers
Apple Accuses DOJ of Unfairly Twisting Steve Jobs’s Words
The Promise of Millennials
The executive leaders of Conde Nast, Meredith, Hearst and Active Interest Media will take the Retail Marketplace stage next week to discuss how they're leveraging the power of print while navigating the explosion of digital distribution. Register today! (June 10-12, Philadelphia)
MPA has created a three-part seminar series for mid- to senior-level magazine, media and advertising professionals--even non-digital folks--focusing on organizing companies around digital production, designing and distributing digital editions, and exploring avenues of monetization.
The 2013 Yale Publishing Course—Leadership Strategies in Magazine & Digital Publishing (July 14-19)—tackles the most important issues facing publishers in this time of ever-accelerating change.
Join fellow junior editors as they welcome the new class of ASME interns and celebrate the beginning of summer at the ASME Next summer bash. (June 6 | NYC)
June 10 - 12, 2013
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Retail Marketplace 2013 tackles the most important challenges in retail across the supply chain for print magazines -- driving sales, leveraging change, creating new opportunities and connecting with consumers.

The New Yorker's Amy Davidson looks closer at the latest scandal erupting from the current administration: The government seems to have a list of all the people that Verizon customers called and who called them; how long they spoke; and, perhaps—depending on how precise the cell-phone-tower information in the metadata is, where they were on a given day. But the customers of other providers shouldn’t be reassured: it is likely that this order is simply one of a type—the one that fell off the truck. Whatever complaints their customers may have, there is no reason to think that choosing Verizon is a tell-tale sign of one’s foreign-intelligence value.