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Monday, June 3, 3013

Steve Swartz Takes Helm As CEO at Hearst This Week
Steve Swartz is a veteran of Hearst's print business and as he takes over as CEO this week, he will underscore the ways Hearst is adapting its products to digital formats.
The Atlantic Wire Is Building Its Audience By Inserting Itself Into Social News Conversations
"We want The Wire to be both monitoring that and participating back into that social discussion—and understanding that major events, major ideas, major disclosures, is what's news," explains Gabriel Snyder, editor of The Atlantic Wire.
New Blood: ASME Intern Blog Is Back!
Follow the adventures of this year’s crop of editorial interns participating in ASME’s 2013 Internship Program, as they navigate the wild world of Magazine Media.
Helping Publishers Sell Themselves (and Their Content)
Cliff Conneighton President of hybris offers insight on how publishers can act more like retailers in order to sell premium content online.
More on: Magazine Audiences Grow in Print, Digital
At the Newsstand, Enchanted Aisles: Wedding Magazines
More on: Sports Illustrated Debuts Daily Talk Show
New York Magazine Hires a New Online Deputy As Traffic Grows
Nancy Perry Graham Named EIC and Executive Producer, Digital Media for AARP's Life Reimagined
Edward Leida Exits Town & Country
Parade's New Logo
The Nine Lives of Felix Dennis: Publisher Blogs About His Cancer Fight
Adweek's 2013 Media All-Stars: The 12 Smartest Media Agency Execs in the Business
Sheet Music Magazine to Close As Number of Piano Players Plunges
Study: UK Digital Magazine Readership Rises to 50%
No Robot Editors for The New York Times
Marketers Court Thrifty Shoppers with Value and Quality
Lesson from the Book Business: How to Embrace Digital Transformation & Make Money from It
Google Warns Brands to Be Up Front About Native Ads
Media Brands Gamble on Untested YouTube Paid Channels
Average American Spends an Hour a Day of Quality Time With Their Smartphone
PC Makers Fight Mobile Devices
3 Hulu Bidders at $1 Billion or More
Online Publisher Lulu Angles for the Next Wave of Self-Publishing with
What Is a Mobile News Company, and Do We Even Want One?
iPhone Owners Are on Their Phones 53% More Than Android Users
Google+ Trumps Twitter, Earning Second Place for Total US Social Networkers
App Downloads, Costs Rise in April
Boomers Key to Automotive Recovery: Middle-Age Buyers Far More Likely to Buy Cars than Millennials
Millennials: A Car Is a Social Device on Wheels
Pinterest Images with Multiple Colors Up Repins
Judge Orders Google to Comply with FBI's Secret NSL Demands
Abramson, Woodward & Brokaw Speak out About DOJ Media Investigations
Trial on E-Book Price-Fixing Puts Apple in Spotlight
The executive leaders of Conde Nast, Meredith, Hearst and Active Interest Media will take the Retail Marketplace stage next week to discuss how they're leveraging the power of print while navigating the explosion of digital distribution. Register today! (June 10-12, Philadelphia)
MPA has created a three-part seminar series for mid- to senior-level magazine, media and advertising professionals--even non-digital folks--focusing on organizing companies around digital production, designing and distributing digital editions, and exploring avenues of monetization.
The 2013 Yale Publishing Course—Leadership Strategies in Magazine & Digital Publishing (July 14-19)—tackles the most important issues facing publishers in this time of ever-accelerating change.
Join fellow junior editors as they welcome the new class of ASME interns and celebrate the beginning of summer at the ASME Next summer bash. (June 6 | NYC)
June 10 - 12, 2013
Loews Philadelphia Hotel
Retail Marketplace 2013 tackles the most important challenges in retail across the supply chain for print magazines -- driving sales, leveraging change, creating new opportunities and connecting with consumers.
GQ: What is life like serving Kim Jong-il and his heir? GQ sent Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Adam Johnson to meet the man who survived all the craziness.