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Friday, March 29, 2013

At MPA Swipe 2.0, App Model Begins to Grow Up
MPA held its Swipe 2.0 conference, offering a variety of peeks into new tablet content models, showing how far some publishers have come from the early days of digital replicas.
Q&A with The Nation Editor and Publisher Katrina Vanden Heuvel
Vanden Heuvel explains how The Nation, an early and aggressive adopter of social media has evolved their media outlets to reflect conversation and two-way enterprise to engage readers in politics.
Q&A with Foreign Policy's Kevin Baron
Foreign Policy magazine’s Kevin Baron, writer for The E-Ring blog, is filling in for Gordon Lubold this week to write the early morning Situation Report.
Mag Bag: The Week in Magazines Names Edward Felsenthal Managing Editor
The Atlantic‘s Molly Ball Wins The Toner
Safety-First Message: Toyota to Place Ads in Teen Vogue for the First Time
Conde Nast Owner Advance Sells Sporting News
More on: New York's Approach to New iPad App
New York Magazine Attacked by Donald Trump in Twitter Rant
WSJ Strengthens Marketing, Digital Units with New Hire
Understanding the History and the New Boom in Subscription Models
Before They Were Legendary
To Build Brands, Companies Produce Slick Content and their Own Media
Branded Content: Is It Better to Own or Sponsor?
IDC: Tablet Shipments to Outpace Desktops in 2013
DoubleClick Tools Down for Most of Thursday, Ad Serving Unaffected
Amazon to Acquire Goodreads
Google Shopping Express Shows Pattern to E-Commerce Marketplace
Mobile Usage Is Rocketing Search Efforts
Taking Social Sharing to a New Level
Why Media Sites Should Adopt Responsive Design
Corporate Field Trip: Learning from Startups
RIM Returns to a Profit on New Blackberry Sales
Twitter's Biz Stone Is Poised to Launch New Mobile Startup Called Jelly
New York Court Upholds Sales Tax for Online Retailers
What's It Take to Be A Modern Marketer?
SNL Kagan Ranks the Top Media Companies
Median Household Income Down 7.3% Since Start of Recession
Copyright Ruling Rings with Echo of Betamax
At Swipe 2.0, MPA's Mary Berner declared 6 reasons why there has never been a better time to work in magazine-branded media.
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To commemorate ASME's 50th anniversary this year, the editors' group is compiling four lists of the most notable achievements in magazine journalism in the last half century. Nominations are now open.
March 29, 2013
Partnerships have become an integral part of the magazine media landscape. Execs from Active Interest Media and Ogden Pubs will discuss how partnerships are developed, benefits to both, and problems encountered and solved.
April 02, 2013
MPA Board Room
Join Zeke Koch of Adobe as he walks attendees through the latest features and enhancements through the latest features and enhancements to Adobe DPS (v.25), a sneak peek at this summer's release (v.26), and how DPS and Adobe Analytics combine to give publishers insights into analytics and engagement like never before.
May 20 - 22, 2013
Loews New Orleans Hotel
The #1 conference for independent Magazine Media publishers to share best practices, explore multi-platform solutions and discuss innovative strategies for growing Magazine Media brands.
June 10 - 12, 2013
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The Economist has launched a new blog called "The Economist Explains." As the title suggests, it is to be a multi-topic series of far ranging questions like "Why does Easter move around so much?," "Has Voyager really left the Solar System?," and "Who determines the makeup of BRIC?" answered in detail by The Economist's staff. GE is the sponsor.