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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

IDG’s Stab at the "Premium" Banner Ad
Banners aren’t going anywhere, but publishers are busy trying to remake them into something more interesting—and into something advertisers will be willing to pay more for.
Kiplinger Relaunches Website
Personal finance and business media company Kiplinger Washington Editors has relaunched its keystone brand's website Metered paywall being considered.
Dwell Media Eyes a Future of "Contextual Commerce"
Dwell Media has found what President Michela O'Connor Abrams believes is a winning formula for its audience of design enthusiasts: contextualized commerce.
Opportunities in Content Marketing
The new content marketing push is not as scary as it seems. It may even spell major opportunity for publishers. Here are seven suggestions.
Can Publishers Make E-Tail Pay?
For Publishers, Social Media Trumps Search
Newsweek/Daily Beast Changes Name to NewsBeast
First Look at Kristina O'Neill's WSJ. Magazine
Future Publishing Sees Digital Revenue iIncrease by 24%
Future PLC Partners with Press Association on New Digital Mag: "Start of a Trend"
Vogue's André Leon Talley Headed for Late-Night T.V.?
The New Yorker’s Hipster Eustace Tilley Illustrator Says He’s Not a Hipster
Condé Nast Names Communications Head
Promotion at Smithsonian Media
Evan Hansen Exits Wired
Marie Claire Makes Three Editorial Changes
Amanda Hearst Joins Town & Country
Has Consumer Reports Declared War on Turbos?
At Kate Upton - GQ Shoot
Time Warner’s Media Lab Knows What You Like to Watch
Life Tracking Hopes To Enhance Media, Marketing Metrics
When Social Media Doesn't Deliver Sales
Facebook Ramps Up News Discovery Battle Against Apps Like Flipboard with “Articles Related To”
Why Vine’s Going to Grow into Something Huge
Amazon Introduces Virtual Currency for Kindle Fire Apps and Games
Apple Can Ask iTunes Purchasers for Addresses
Apple’s 128GB iPad Goes on Sale, Just Ahead of Microsoft’s Surface Pro Launch
BlackBerry Z10 Selling In “Large Numbers”, Says BlackBerry — Some U.K. Retailers Sold Out Over the Weekend
The Subscription Project – Or a Paywall by Any Other Name
Andrew Sullivan's New Site Has a Super Friendly Paywall
New Bookish Site Provides Info on Books and Authors in Lit Mag Format
Lempert Report: Kantar Retail/PwC Report on How U.S.Retail Will Evolve by 2020
Dollar Stores Get Pinched by Expansion
What Happens If the Postal Service Runs Out of Cash?
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